14 Yr old daughter still in coma but no longer in ITU/ICU



My 14 yr old daughter Amy is still in a coma but has improved enough because she was moved out of ITU/ICU & onto the children's ward 5 days ago.

The medical staff have told other children, inpatients on the ward that Amy is in a deep sleep that she can't wake up from just yet but will when she's ready to & she might be able to hear what is going on around her.

I have been told by medical staff that some of the children, inpatients have been sat with her reading stories to her when I haven't been on the ward with her. When I have been on the ward with her the same children, inpatients have come up to me & asked me if it's ok to sit with Amy & read to her, which I don't mind at all because it gives me a break.

In 2 days it will be a month since she was knocked down & all I want is for Amy to wake up from her coma.

Laura, Amy's mum

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  • Hi Laura,

    That is good news Amy is on the children's ward. She will probably like the background babble of other kids. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you.

    Sending hugs your way xxx

  • I don't think there's anything tougher in heaven or earth than seeing your child injured ; my heart goes out to you Laura.

    My cousin was in a head on collision many years ago and comatose for over 6 months. Her father gave up work to be with her everyday, playing her favourite tapes and talking to her, 'til one day she smiled then opened her eyes.

    It's lovely to hear how the other children are treating Amy so protectively ; such good therapy for her healing and eventual awakening.

    It can be tempting to believe there's no progress, but healing of the brain is a very lengthy process so, as you look at your lovely girl, keep remembering how she is healing slowly and imperceptibly as she sleeps.

    Sincere good wishes for the best possible outcome my dear. Look after yourself in the meantime. Love Cat xx

  • Morning Laura. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through right now. Keep strong, I hope you have lots of family and friends around you to help you through this. It is such a difficult time.

    It sounds a great idea for Amy to be on a normal ward, with lots going on, and the sounds of other children etc. Fingers crossed that you will get some better news very soon.

    Very best wishes, Molly x

  • My heart goes out to you, it is an awful situation to be in, yet somehow you keep going. How wonderful the other children are looking out for her.

    My thoughts are with you.

    Sue x

  • Hi Laura,

    I do hope the extra audio stimulation of other children's voices on the ward, and the busy more normal environment around her seeps through. It's an unimaginable situation. (I speak as the parent of a daughter who spent six months in hospital). It's so difficult watching your child being unwell and not being able to fix it. You're doing everything you can......reading, chatting, playing music. Story CDs played through headphones is another option, you local library will have a range available to borrow for free. Thank you for the update and good luck. x

  • That's all fantastic news. The kids reading to her is fab. I STRONGLY believe you CAN hear when you in a coma. I remember things said I shouldn't and I shock people when I say things and really throw them. She's prob listening to the stories and enjoying them. Encourage it big time. Read her stories on anything she loves too, like a dog a cat ect. If she has a dog ect make up a story about that dog. A happy story how he found a bone and wagged his tail ect. Link stories to emotions as they are remembered more. A cat found a mouse ect. When they were going to turn my life support off cause I hadn't moved a muscles and everyone came to say goodby one by one including my daughter I raised my hand to my face and then they couldn't. They were very shocked. My point being stories with emotions may trigger a wake up. Ob I am no medical person but there MUST of been a reason for why I did what I did. Now I'm sat here writing this. Never lose hope. I really hope you get a glimmer of happiness very very soon. Will be thinking of you and her daily. Look forward to hear good news. Xx

  • By the way I was in a coma for a bit longer so don't think it can't or won't happen. We all have the ability to shock. Everyone on here has shocked and very hopefully she will be able to give advice to others on here. Big hugs to you both x

  • Laura, I am so sorry. Do you have support at home or good friends who can be there for you. We are always available to chat. I know that I have needed this site quite a few times and now consider them friends. Please let us know when Amy wakes up. Hugs and kisses to you both. Jan xxx

  • Morning Laura (Amys mum)

    My prayers are with you and your family and Amy. Just been reading through your post and my heart jumped. It must be so tough for you but hang on in there. XX Nick

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