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Family friends wife in critical condition after suffering horrific head injuries in hit and run


Hi all

Only two days ago one of my family friends wife suffered severe skull and TBI's when she was knocked down in a hit and run outside his and hers workplace on her way to work in front of her husband/my family friend.

She is currently in a critical condition in a induced/natural coma in the ICU. Also she is 21 weeks pregnant with my family friends second son/my godson and she is only twenty three years old.

Their three year old son keeps asking us "Where is my mummy?". I am their three year old son godmother and currently looking after him. All I and the rest of his family keep telling him is that "Your mummy is very poorly in hospital and the nurses and doctors are looking after her"

The police still have not found the driver responsible and it makes mine and her family blood boil that someone could do something like this especially to a heavily pregnant young lady who had a very bad year last year and had just back to normal including her husband/my family friend.

I have already rang headway yesterday afternoon and the lady I spoke to was very nice, understanding and helpful, she is sending me information in the post so that I and her family can read/look through.

Also we are including my church and the hospital chaplin are praying that she pulls through this.

I will keep you all updated on her condition.


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Hi Laura,

I’m so sorry to hear about your family friends’ wife’s accident and what you are all going through right now.

I’m glad that you’ve been in touch with Headway and that they are sending you information which you will find helpful. You’re also helping a lot practically by looking after their son.

Your friend is in the best place getting the care she needs, so the main thing is to take good care of yourself so that you can be there for others especially your godson.

I’m sure that you’ll get a lot of support on this forum, particularly from those who have personal experience of dealing with traumatic brain injury caused by this type of accident.

I’ll hold you all in my prayers.


Hi, this is a good place to come for support. A lot of us have been through what you are going through so can help with the support you may need through our own experiences.

Urge everyone to look after themselves your friends wife is in the best place and will probably remember very little once out of her coma.

Please speak or read to her and include her in conversations even though she will not answer. I could remember little snippets of what went on around me, when in a coma you rise and fall through levels of consciousness, no one can tell when but that is why sometimes the patient is aware of what goes on around them. I remeber my husband tellibg me often where i was and that i was fine and being cared for to the point that on one occasion i thought whats he keep telling me that for!!

I do hope this works out fine for you all

Janet x

Such a dreadful thing to happen, I will pray for your friend.

We are 7 months on from my son being run over and see progress everyday. Its down to the amazing treatment he received from the emergency services and NHS staff, and the power of 42 cousins from all over the world praying for him

Keep strong for your godson


sending prayers and healing for your son xxxxx

I'm sorry to hear of your friend's injuries Laura ; what a shocking situation for all concerned. It'll be a massive help for her husband knowing their child is in your care, while you all wait for news.

I hope there'll be positive signs before too long although our brains are notoriously slow to heal compared to any other organ.

Glad you've found us m'dear...........thinking of you.

Cat x

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kerr28 in reply to Hidden

Hi Goldie 11

From what the doctors have told us her CT Scan showed three separate bleeds, two on and one inside the brain which needed emergency surgery, swelling of the brain and four skull fractures.

Their unborn son has not been harmed

Doctors are keeping her in a induced coma until the swelling has completely gone down and they are going to re-scan her on Monday. They won't know if there is any brain damage until she wakes up from the coma.

Will keep you updated.


Calrich in reply to kerr28

Hi really understand what your going through, my daughters situation was very much like yours, I really feel your pain, we are just over a year from her accident, stay strong x

Prayer and healing thoughts xxx

Sending you lots of love, hugs all round, and best wishes. One day at a time.

Sadly whoever did this was not concerned about the who.

And as frustrating as it is that the guilty person has not been caught, what you can do is what you are doing. Big hug to you and her son.X🤗

Dear Laura,

More love and hugs coming your way from me. Will be praying every day for positive news.


It's a difficult time and being in touch with headway and the support on here is a good place to get some help and info and also a place for comfort. I find talking to others, who have been through tbi and even the carers, has been valuable for me, it was my partner who had the tbi, April last year. Hugs to you all x

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