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Vitamin D

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in February this year after many years of being very poorly. Further tests showed I had no vitamin B12 and I now have an injection every eight weeks but today my surgery rang to say that recent blood tests showed I have a very low vitamin D level as well. I have an appointment to see the doctor later this week but does anyone know if this is also caused by the coeliac disease and is just a case of another injection.

Thanks in advance for any help on this anyone can offer.

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Unfortunately vit D deficiency is common with coeliac disease. There has been some discussion on this before.


Thanks for the link, much appreciated.


My surgery wrote to all their coeliacs about a couple of years ago offering us a tablet supplement of Vit D and calcium. I have been taking the tabs for about a year now, after a non related visit to a consultant who explained coeliac disease often effects our bones and this can be helped by taking the supplements.

They are chewable, tacken twice a day and taste quite good!


Many thanks for the info.


Hi Cancun1257

It is caused by having Coeliac Disease. When I was diagnosed two years ago, my vitamin D level was also very low and I was categorised as severely deficient. Like you've found, it took some time to figure this out (at least six months). My vitamin D was checked after I'd had a DEXA scan which revealed I had osteoporosis in my spine - again this was caused by having coeliac disease (I hope you've had your DEXA scan as well!).

I believe that you can have injections but it's more normal (and easier) to have a three month course of very strong vitamin D tablets. My vitamin D tablets were prescribed by an endocrinologist following a referral to my local hospital.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Regalbirdy

I am having my scan on December the 9th so not long now.


Hi there, what you have to realise is when your villi is collapsed you don't absorb sufficient nutrients and until your villi recovers you will need supplements. So the good news is you've been diagnosed and the doctors are really on your case. I was going to suggest a dexa scan but see that some wise birdy beat me to it LOL.

Also vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin so maybe you need a holiday in the sun! other than that good sources of vitamin D are egg yolks, fish, like mackerel, salmon and Tuna (including tinned salmon and tuna) plus a good vitamin supplement which includes calcium and folic acid.

And I hope that you start feeling better soon.

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Coeliacs damages the gut which means that absorption of nutrients is reduced, hence we tend to have various vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin D is mostly absorbed from sunlight so if you don't get much sunlight your levels can drop. I suspect your doctor will recommend some Vit D tablets to get your levels up.


Dexa scan a must. I have been taking Vit D tablets for 6 years now and bone density only just coming back on to the right track. Recently started taking Vit B Complex each morning - in addition to Multivits. Are Vit B injections really the better way to go?


Hi there, I have coeliac disease, confirmed over two years ago, i have been 'tired' for years without really realising. I have since been told to, because my Vit D levels are low to take daily 1000milligrams of Vit D and since i have done that i feel utterly amazing! i have energy levels i never knew existed!! Hopefully you will also feel the same..



I was diagnosed with coeliac 12 years ago, I wasn't prescribed vitamin D and Calcium until about 3 year sago when my routine dexa showed osteopenia - the stage before osteoporosis, I wonder now if I should have taken it from diagnosis... Oh well.. All good advice above...


Thanks everyone for all your comments, vey helpful.


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