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The importance of Vitamin D - the super vitamin

The importance of Vitamin D - the super vitamin

Did you know that Vitamin D is one of the only vits that acts like a hormone in your body and helps regulate your endocrine system? Think of it as helping to oil the engine that is your immune system.

Many coeliacs are deficient in Vitamin D upon diagnosis but not all are followed up correctly nor have their levels monitored. Here's some stats from the HU forum here to give you a snapshot of the symptoms low vitamin D can cause (see pic). For example, it has been linked to weight gain, cramps, aches, stiffness, osteomalacia and hormonal imbalances. Anyone with Endometriosis & Coeliac should double check their levels with their GP. It's a crucial vitamin for helping protect our bones.

Low Vitamin D levels have been linked to: other auto immune diseases (like Thyroid) plus MS and forms of Diabetes.

The main way to absorb vitamin D is via the sun (20mins at least without sun lotion) so us Coeliacs in the Northern hemispheres are often very deficient. Plus villi damage from CD means we also struggle to absorb it via the sun or from our food (eggs, fish etc). So if yours is low don't be fobbed off and follow advice to 'stay out longer in the sun'. Instead discuss with your GP for vitamin D boosters (whether injections or tablets).

For example 12 months after being strictly GF I felt like an old lady, aches and pains, tiredness, foggy headed, back spasms and fatigue. Upon visiting my GP it seemed no-one had told me that the hospital blood test I had had when diagnosed showed my vitamin D levels were extremely deficient eg 17 vs satisfactory 50 nmol/L (ideally 75+). So don't ASSUME that the Doctors all communicate superbly between hospital to GP or that your problems are just caused by 'old age'. Doctors are human and make mistakes. Plus with so many celebs having vitamin D injections as a trend it's easy for the Drs to think that people are just jumping on a Vitamin D trend.

Don't assume you're tired through being glutened. Ask about your vitamin D levels.

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On my return for coeliac check I had routine bloods done .

Vit D really low!

Given massive loading dose and wow!

Thought. I had woken out of hibernation.

Gone from feeling so tired all day, aching bones etc and bad depression every morning on waking, to more energy mood totally lifted no more aches.

I also have under active thyroid and osteoporosis as well as coeliac.

I understand the importance of vit D for all three of my ailments, it helps drive the thyroid or thyroxine, helps drive the calcium to the right places.

Very important thanks for posting.

BTW..... My thyroxine has been reduced since having the loading dose of vit D I needed less.


wow thats great, going to get mine checked, thanks. been coeliac for 18 yrs and noone has ever mentioned it...apart from heart specialist recently! (?not his field?)


Do get your levels checked. It's amazing how Drs dismiss the importance of vitamins or say 'oh everyone in the UK is low' but as coeliacs need a healthy stomach to process vitD we often need a booster at diagnosis.

This article also links low VitD to spine problems:


It's also worth remembering that Vit D is a fat soluble vitamin, so we need to make sure that we eat some good natural fats


Hi im new to this but when i take vit D i get migrains which i suffer from any way but i notice when i take vit D i get them very day so i stop taking them does any one eles find this ? I dont like fish and Yogurts .


What type of vitamin D are you taking? If it's Calcichew or similar this has lots of artificial sugars and there is a link between these sugars and migraine. If this is in your tablet then I'd suggest asking your doc to give you a different tablet which doesn't have these sugars.


hi ,i have been so tired for years and no one said about taking vit d. thanks


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