Bone scan and Calcium Vit D

The results of my bone scan showed osteopenia, no different to the scan from 5 - 6 years ago when I was started on Calcichew D3. I also upped my exercise regime and have lost weight in the past two years. I just wonder if the supplement and my lifestyle changes have prevented progression to osteoporosis or if progressions isn't guaranteed...

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  • Hi weee

    Similar to you was diagnosed with osteopenia, and was given Forax which I took for 5 years. You're then supposed to take a holiday as this drug has some side effects. I then did some research and decided not to take it anymore, until more evidence was found re the pluses and minuses.

    I have been on Natcal D3 for about 6 months. My last bone scan some 12 months ago showed I had moved off the osteopenia scale and into the normal scale. I think this is due to the Forax, but I will be keen to see if I have regressed when I next get checked out.

  • Thats great SDM, I'm not familiar with Forax, is it a bisphosphonate?

  • Sorry weee, I really meant Fosamax!

  • ahhh that makes more sense...:)

  • Hi Weee, if the villi return to normal we should be able to get enough calcium from our diets so that the osteopenia does not progress. I was diagnosed with border line osteopenia 12 years ago and I didn't like Calcichew so I didn't bother to take them. And then I had another Dexa scan 2 years ago and I still have border line osteopenia.

    A really good source of calcium is sesame seeds and are really easy to add to our diets. Another big advantage with calcium from foods is the calcium is much more easily absorbed by our bodies than that in Calcichew and that's because the calcium used is calcium carbonate which's chalk and it's molecules are much much bigger than calcium from food, so our bodies have to work harder to filter out the majority (over 90%) of the calcium in Calcichew. And just to be cheery they also contain the dreaded maltodextrin.

    Another thing to look at is things that deplete our bodies of calcium or block it's absorption and caffeine is a big offender for this.

    I also agree with you about exercise as load bearing exercise is so important in preventing osteoporosis.

    And from another angle if you are happy taking them, then just be pleased that nothing has worsened and you are regaining fitness and a weight that you are happy with. And if it works for've got it nailed. So good for you.

  • Thanks Jerry, I'll remember about dietery calcium and up that a bit, but as you say as long as I remain gluten free I should be okay..I now drink caffeine free coffee, caffeine gives me palpitations...

  • When diagnosed with coeliac disease, 1998 I had a bone scan that showed frank osteoporosis, I took Fosamax for a year, in addition to gluten free diet, then a dexa scan in 2004 showed only mild osteopenia and scans since even more improvement and only calcium prescribed. I feel the gluten free diet was the main factor, I really dislike the Adcal prescribed now so want to find a good alternative

  • That's great news Venetia, I tolerate the Calcichew well I have to say so will continue woth it and of course remain gluten free and keep up eh healthy lifestyle

  • Have you had your VitD tested ? - and what was the result ? It is possible you need a higher dose. It is fat soluble so needs to be taken with good fats so best eaten with a main meal. Also VitK2 should be taken as when taking good levels of VitD calcium production is increased but you need that calcium to be directed in the right direction - K2 does this.

    I have Crohns/Hashimotos and take 10,000 IU's daily and live in the Med. After many years of living here I still tested insufficient.

    Lots of interesting articles - click onto Health Conditions at the top of the page and then click further for the articles that may interest you..... The parathyroids also play a part in the control of calcium levels in the blood so it may be worth having the PTh tested too....they are 4 pea size glands situated behind the thyroid - so if the thyroid is less than optimal or inflamed then the parathyroids could also be affected....

  • Thanks Marz, I've never had my Vit D tested as far as I know, Interesting...Thyroid function was okay but never had a parathyroid test..Thanks for this .

  • When you say your Thyroid Function was OK - do you have any results ? Doctors are notoriously poor at interpreting blood results and rarely do they test the FT4 and FT3 - just the TSH. Which tells you very little. Could it be you also have Thyroid anti-bodies - Hashimotos and Coeliac often go together - both auto-immune. Just a thought....

  • interesting,... as far as I know the basic Thyroid function tests were 'okay' I didn't get the results.. I may ask next time I'm at the docs...

  • VitD is more than a vitamin - it is a steroidal pre-hormone and needed in every cell of the body. That is a great deal of D so levels need to be OPTIMAL.... It is also anti-inflammatory.


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