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Taking itraconazole.. a lot of indigestion.

Hi...does anyone have a recommendation for something to help the indigestion and stomach acid reflux when using intraconazole and Prednisone...both are very upsetting to my stomach...giving me lots of indigestion and shortness of breath. I was taking Omeprazole but stopped as read these two meds...Intraconazsole and Omeprazole should not be taken together. What about an antacid like Prilosec or Zantac? Can this be taken with the antifungal?


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Antacids can be taken while on itraconazole but manufacturers recommend that patients on antacids take itraconazole with an acidic fizzy drink such as non-diet cola as that will add back in the acid that your stomach is missing. medicines.org.uk/emc/medici...

NOTE it is important for many purposes that your doctor establishes the level of itraconazole in your blood. This is because itraconazole absorption varies widely from patient to patient so the correct dose for one patient is often not the correct dose for another.

If your doctor has already checked your blood levels and you now change the routine how you take itraconazole and start taking antacids the blood levels should be redone.


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