I had Maxillary surgery a few years ago and developed acute sinus problems approx. 2 yrs. after the surgery. After no response to antibiotics I was referred to an ENT doctor who through a CAT scan and cultures diagnosed Aspergillusis along the wall on the left maxilllary region. After surgery/removal of the fungus I have been on various compound nasal sprays - Voricon, Amphotericin with many side effects. I'm currently on itraconazole (8 months), however I have constant mucus and a frothy film that I'm spitting out. My question is this a side effect of Itraconazole nasal spray? The compound is a mixture of: beta glucagon, budesonide, lactose monohydrate, cyclidextrin, krisgel, propylene glycol, sodium chloride. Any recommendations on a medication to improve the mucus situation or compound mixture to eliminate this frothy thick mucus??

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  • I had eight Aspergilloma Fungal Balls in my sinuses but was able to avoid surgery by rotating on prescription anti-fungal pills, nebulizing Amphotericin-B, and doing saline nasal irrigations twice a day. I did not use the same nasal spray you are using, however, wanted to comment because I my doctor told me that frothy white mucus can be caused by bad acid reflux entering the back of your sinuses. Perhaps this is what is causing your problem? Hope you find relief.

  • Thank you for responding back! How long did it take you to cure the problem? Are you still on the medication and doing the nasal rinses? I currently also do saline nasal rinses and apply the medical spray afterwards.

  • I did the above for a year. My immune system was too compromised for surgery because I also had Invasive Aspergillosis at the time and was near death. My doctor wanted me to get stronger before attempting surgery. When I went for a follow up CT scan and nasal culture after a year the fungal balls had resolved.

  • You are so blessed to have resolved your fungal issue. Although, my second CAT scan showed a significant improvement and the culture no longer showed the Aspergillosis, if I go off the medication for a few days it comes back with a sore throat, heavy mucus that I spit up every few minutes. On a positive not mine is non-invasive. it's my understanding that it grows/multiplies every 20 minutes. Thank you for your advise on the frothy mucus - I also have acid reflux - at least that explains that issue😍

  • 20mins sounds more like the doubling time of a bacterium under ideal growth conditions. You sinuses do not present ideal growth conditions and Aspergillosis is caused by a fungus rather than a bacterium. Fungi tend to grow much more slowly and in a different way over months rather than minutes.

  • Thank you for the clarification on how the fungus reproduces. Is some of the white clumps of siliva a cause of the Itraconazole nasal spray that is flowing down from the nasal cavity? It's frequent and seems worse immediately after I apply the drops?

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