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Mycobacterium tuberculosis -> part of dead lobe resection -> Aspergilloma in one cavity


I'm 28, female, was treated for Mycobacterium tuberculosis in 2013-2015. Fully cured. After one year small aspergilloma (fungus ball) decided to appear in cavity. Part of my dead lobe with whole fungus was cut. Everything works well for almost a year. Finally felt healthy! Eat well, gym generally take care of myself.

Two weaks ago, I got sick. 38,8C some kind of lung infection. The doctor gave me Zinatt antibiotic. I felt better the only thing which is still left is cough. I got my CT scan and they say that there is fungus ball again in one cavity :( Whaaaat?! I'm desperate now. I feel so powerless, helpless.

I'm going to have cavernostomy 28.08.2017. I have one cavity in my lung. The plan is to get rid off the fungus ball but still leave the cavity. I don't understand this at all. So now I will get surgery every year, every time I got little sick? I live in a fear.

How to avoid this fungal infections if you still have cavity?

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Get oxygen therapy. It works!

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You mean after surgery?


It would be beneficial before surgery because you have a strong possibility of erradicating it before surgery. Do your homework. Check with physicians who give hyperbaric oxygen treatments

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Can't find much info about it or any evidence on its usefulness. Also I can't find any doctor in Poland who gives Hyperbaric oxygen treatments. My surgery is going to be in one week so I'm no sure if it can change anything ;(


Hi, I wish you success in whatever choice you decide. Here is food for thought: Any fungal’s primary mechanism for survival is to build a network of striations/hyphae deeply embedded within their mark. Once we discover their existence within the body, they have thoroughly invaded an area and it is extremely difficult to uproot all traces. If any minor trace exists, they will develop a new network over time. No one will realize it for some time and by the time you are aware, it may be months or years, but now they have a new major network. So, is almost impossible for surgery to eradicate this insidious monster. However, oxygen, being gaseous can penetrate areas that are unseen, especially dark hidden crevices. Medicine's limitation is in its "War-like" myopic approach to disease...How does one "cut-out/destroy" the enemy that cannot be seen. And, if they were to remove all of it, it would be like removing bacteria from an apple that has been systemically infiltrated- most would have to be removed including functional critically needed portions affected. Analyze all sides, ask your physician to show you one case that is with your malady who has been successfully cured for over 5 years with surgery. In other words, Aspergillus free, alive and functioning well after the surgery. "Show me the money."

All the best!

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There is some evidence that this is effective though not often used as facilities are not commonly available. A paper here is from 10 years ago so I assume things have improved since ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/175...

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This type of aspergillosis is precisely what the National Aspergillosis Centre is fully funded to diagnose and treat nationalaspergillosiscentre...

Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis can be very effectively treated by surgery if there is a single fungal ball such as you describe. By now you should have had your surgery and I imagine that your doctors may follow up with antifungal medication. This is difficult surgery but is often successful. The intention is to completely remove the fungal ball and leave a sterile cavity so you do not have further problems.

At the time of writing it looks like you will have had your surgery - I hope all is well.

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I'm home! The story is an interesting one.

First I had a CT scan. They confirmed fungal ball / mass in one cavity and scheduled the surgery. The plan was exactly the same as you've written GAtherton + Bronchoscopy

The day after surgery doctor said that it's wasn't a fungal ball. Unfortunately they couldn't remove the mass, because some blood appeared and they couldn't see enough. The mass is not a dangerous one. Just some dead tissue I guess. I haven't been told what exactly it is... They also took a sample of sputum. We were told that there is possibility of Mycobacterium relapse.

After one week in hospital I was discharged. They found out from sowing one colony of Aspergillus Niger in my lung. No Mycobacterium. The yesterday's CT scan looks much better then previous one. Prescribed Orungal and some anti Mycobacterium as prevention for next 4 weeks. Next CT and doctors visit in 4 weeks.

Everything is weird for me right now. I feel much better. Cough much less. No temperature. Just the diagnosis is not clear for me. What's in the cavity? Not sure what Aspergillus NIger exactly is and how effective treatment can be. Im just 28 and so many poblems with lungs :(

Any ideas, opinions? Should I just stick to doctor's recommendations or look for 2nd opinion?

Thank you for all your posts!




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