Antibiotics yes or no?

Hi everyone just hope your all keeping as well as you can at this time of the year.

Quick quiestion i hadna left upper lung rescection for aslergillus on aug 17 2016. Had flu jab last week got ill had cough with clear mucus now changed to chesty cough with slight green this morn only. Made docs appintment. Breathing a bit off nothing ventolin and saline nebs cant handle. Do i need antibiotics because i dont know if its viral or bacterial?

Thanks and have a great day everyone.

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  • I would get your Doc to take a sputum sample to get tested for the right antibiotics to treat you with. Best thing to do is to get to see your GP with an emergency appointment as soon as possible and ask him about starting antibniotics. With all that you have going on you don't really want to wait to long and if your Doc thinks it right to start a general antibiotic the sooner you start the better. It my also be a good idea to call the hospital where you had your op and ask their advice too.

    Hope your recovery goes well and you get better soon.

  • Cheers freefaller. Chest clear even though chesty mucus cough. Would t give me antibiotics. Rang asoergulillus centre and said tske docs advice. Doc sent sputum off and said to go back if i produce green sputum. Thanks again and take care hope your well. 😊

  • That is good. Take care of yourself and take things easy.

  • Make sure you go back if things get worse - too many report back in a much worse state because they delayed returning to their GP. There is something in all of our psyche that doesn't want to make a fuss, but in this case it is the correct action.

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