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Anyone cured aspergillosis naturally?


Hi, has anyone had success with oregano oil, astragalus root, vitamin b3, vitamin c, grape seed extract and so on? Also, how does it feel when the fungus is dying? Been diagnosed with spinal rumour beside lung and am convinced it is an aspergilloma as disappeared all summer in heat and now it's back. I renovate old dusty properties for a living. Doctors here seem totally uneducated regarding this illness and no one has even asked me what I do as a job.

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I had to have veraconazole i daily for three months as mine was fungal apergillus that bleed in lung size of golf ball. Cjeck out aspergilluous clinic at wythenshawe hostpital there the uk specilaist thats where i go and was after lung op.

A simple bloodvor ct/pet scan could tell if it is aspergulliyosis

Thanks, I'm going to go to GP to try and get the blood test for it.


My respiratory consultant agreed to send me to the National Aspergilloisis Centre (NAC)at the University of South Manchester Hospital (UHSM) at Wythenshawe. There they have treated me with Itraconazole tablets over the last year and my nodule is now almost undetectable. It was about 1.9 cm X 2.5 cm. If you have not already seen a respiratory consultant in your area then please ask to see one. They can request blood tests and scans to try and diagnose correctly. GP 's cannot request some tests so you will most likely need to see a consultant. Please check out the NAC Website and read their referral criteria and get to see them as soon as you can. It takes me 6 hours to travel there and an over night stay but it has been so worthwhile. I had my initial appointment a year ago last August, where more tests were done and I saw the physiotherapists. Another appointment 8 weeks later when I started the treatment and had more blood tests, another 8 weeks later to check on progress and with an X-ray to check on the nodule size - it had already shrunk! Then an appointment after another 3 months and a Skype consultstion 3 months after that and another visit and X Ray after another three months and now I am on 6 monthly visits and will eventually be on annual visits with Skype consultations with the nurses in between. This place is absolutely wonderful and works like no other clinic I have seen. The Doctors, nurses and physiotherapists are so professional and helpful. I really cannot praise them enough.

Thank you. I'm going to make an appointment with my GP to see if I can get a blood test done to check if it is aspergillosis. I'm in Scotland so I doubt they would send me to England but I might have to fight to get a diagnosis. When I take these herbal remedies I feel burning in the area where it is so wondered if the fungus was reacting.

There is a centre in Scotland too. There used to be someone posting on here about it a while ago. I will see if I can dig up the posts. I live in Wales and our NHS is devolved so would not normally be allowed to go outside my area but as this is THE ONLY NATIONAL CENTRE FOR ASPERGILLOSIS I was given permission to get a referral it just took two weeks longer - all in all 4 weeks from asking my consultant to refer me to getting my first appointment.

The trouble with herbal remedies is that some can cause adverse effect on fungi which you will notice as' die off' type symptoms if working or growth/metabolic spurt from fungi if given something that fungus uses as a nutrient or catalyst to growth! Iron ,zinc,anti bacterial antibiotics,e en some hormones such as DHEA and melatonin can have this latter effect dependant on fungal organism..

Great, thanks for your help. Did you feel the fungus die off?

No don't believe I felt anything. I have found a post from 23 days ago - 5 posts down from yours, from France's ( fcag2001) about meetings in Scotland you could try messaging her to find out about things in Scotland. I have posted a reply to her asking if she has seen the latest post today and that you are in Scotland but a better idea if you contact her.

Good Luck.

I have not tried a few of these but one of the problems I have is increased sensitivity to anything smelly. Oregano (hot oil) is extremely difficult to tolerate topical or vaporized. I have not been "game" to try it internally. If I even put a few drops in the mop bucket for the floors I suffer dramatically. It's worse than peppermint oil. I do find air filters useful and I also started taking boric acid as well as mopping the floors with that too. I am making some progress. I did look up buying capsules off ebay and making a coconut oil carrier to put in the capsules (with the Oregano oil) like people do with Cannabis. Id love to hear if anyone else has done this and how they cope.


Sadly there is no easy cure or treatment for an aspergillosis infection and nothing you will take that is marketed as 'natural' will change that. I could speculate that it may be that some will feel a change in their symptoms if they take something that is anti-inflammatory but there are no recorded instances of that happening and it would not have any impact on the infection.

We do see several patients from Scotland & you can ask for a referral to Manchester from Scotland as we are a UK funded service.

Hi, I too am looking for natural help to rid the ABPA or at least to manage it but cant seem to find any answers

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