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New - osteoarthritis, back problems, ? polymyalgia rheumatica, ? fibromyalgia

Hi - I'm Ann. I'm nearly 67 and have had osteoarthritis for about 10 years. I've had two successful hip replacements. I've also had steroid injections and radio-frequency ablation for lower back problems, and am going back to the pain clinic on 9th April.

Several years ago I had what was diagnosed as polymyalgia rheumatica, which settled on steroids. Recently I've had a recurrence of severe buttock, thigh and shoulder pain - worse in the morning. A blood test then showed my ESR and C-RP to be within normal limits. This is worse now and I'm having a repeat blood test on the 8th.

I'm also on treatment for long-term depression and for type 2 diabetes. I find that I get very tired.

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Hi missrat, nice to see you on the site , I'm new on here but you sound like the pain is out of control at present., although like myself you 've had your illness some time and more than one illness. Oh I'm known as Kate was diagnosed about twenty odd years ago, now retired in your age group, also with more than one chronic illness. Good luck with your blood test and pain clinic visit, take care


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