At wits end with neuralgia

At wits end with neuralgia

Hi my names Tracey, just been woken up again in, chronic pain, nothing in house, had to go cross Road to taxi office get paracetamol, from the girls,

I'm in constant pain, I try not talk, eat food or move my face, iv went from 11 stone to about, six, living on soup, I'm at my wits end

Also live with complex regional pain syndrome, and osteoporosis arthritis, in knee and foot, was in merchant navy for year, stairs on different ships, done me in plus all the accidents, I had in rough weather, hasn't helped, rest I can put up with but this face πŸ˜” omg, shoot me, sleep hanging out of me and no one gives a dam, doctors don't care

I've been threw every pill in the book not working, want an operation, won't do it, might paralyse the face πŸ˜”, think I could risk the chance, as iv paid well into the system, and have hardly bothered them, till all this crap was diagnosed,

Did not sign on for all this, wish I could go back to my job, but no I'm not fit for any purpose, depression bad, could do with a friend and some advice, thanks for reading πŸ“– ☝

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    Scroll down in the above link to view the Neurological Signs and Symptoms of LOW B12. Do you know your level - needs to be over 500. Also have folate tested as it works with B12 in the body. Also LOW mood can be linked. Check Ferritin and VitD too ....

  • No one interested, live in a small town, thank you so much for advice ☝

  • Did you look at the link and watch the videos - we have to learn for ourselves .....

  • Yup thank you very much, but sorry, iv a lump on my gum, sitting on a nerve, seen cancer doc, went for all sorts of tests in Glasgow clinic, Evan took a perfect πŸ‘Œ tooth out, didn't work, and they won't operate, they are scared, of paralysing, side of my face πŸ˜”,.

    Thank you for your help and support ☝

  • Hi, are you taking vitD already?

  • Ye I sick πŸ€’ of tablets on gavapentin, 600 mg, 3 times a day, so 6 a day, amatryptaline at night 1 a nite, and eat paracetamol like sweeties lol 😁, I rattle when I 🚢 walk, just can not control the pain, at wits end folks feel for you all living like this.

  • Thanks I don't sleep, but put it down to pain, iv always took vitamin supplements all my life, my mother, instilled, that, for my brother, and I.

    Thank you for your help.

  • I have trigeminal neuralgia Tracey and I know how bad the pain is ,I take a antiepileptic drug called tegretol or carbamazepine it makes you feel rough and all over the place . I started it very young and my doc said you poor girl , it's one of the worst pains to have .

    I don't think anyone signs up for a life of pain but we get what we gets and if you can try and not focus on that and get a hobby I promise it's a great distraction if not a little expensive . I know your bound to feel unwell tired and generally fed up because your not getting help and that's really hard with this type of pain .I also have fibro , osteoarthritis , arthritis of spine , knees ankle neurotphy pain in feet and I could go on but you get the picture .

    Get your dr to refer you to a pain clinic and they can do things like change meds give you new ones . You need help my friend , please come back let us know how your doing . πŸ˜‡X

  • I have replied, it's there for you 😁 😍

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  • Signal here crappie, left a reply

  • Aw thank you so, much appreciated, was on the carzapzine, they put the dosage up, and I fell in toilet with my glasses on.

    Had two black eyes, just had, traveled, 100 miles for injections in feet and knee a, wanna seen, seen the bruise on knee that was just, done, went to my, 😷, to say they ain't agreeing with Me, he laughed, and said your funny, I, said what's funny, he said you, you've made my day, and prescribed, 1, amatryptaline at night, since I hit, 50, the only tablets I took was askit powders, does any 1 remember them, lol 😁,

    Instant pain relief, blood pressure low in family I'm so unhappy, lost my mother to cancer β™‹, and my father, oooooh, still waiting on a cuddle, iv just gotta give myself a shake he says, Omg, would I be on here,

    I loved life, now if I could I'd give every organ to a child, if wee could swap places,

    Thanks folks, just don't know what do do, thinking of just ending it and my nephew, will get, house, pension, and I'd be at peace, my life my job, not, fit, im 5 feet 1, 6 stone and could get a job morrow, but won't give me my medical 😷, all I can say folks treasure every day if your partner, genuine. Love's you, I stay alone, 28 year in he's still loves me but differences, won't allow him ever to come back

    Thank you my dear friends for all advice

    Took on board,best wishes folks.

  • For matrix x

  • Trace, please don't do anything I know better than most what your going through it's the pits ,your bright and funny even through all the pain I can see that .I have been where you are and it's not fun but there is help .

    Go to casualties and tell them your in extreme pain and you can't cope .That drug is strong I know .Take care ring samaratens if you get desperate .Best wishes .xxπŸ˜‡

  • Thank you so much, ye, just a bad day, so lonely,, I can't talk, sobbing my heart β™₯ out, this happens daily, thank you so so, much, I think πŸ€” iv found a dear friend,

    Matrix xx

  • That's such a lovely thing to say . It's so hard when your lonely and have no one to count on but I can tell you that if you come on here you will make lots of friends and I'm always around so just come on here and you won't be lonely , I know we are online friends but that's ok . Now I'm sending you a cyber hug and I think you should see your dr on Monday because you seem depressed and that doesn't help anything . Take care sweetie . XxπŸ˜‡

  • Aw, lovely, huni thank you for your lovely, words, please keep in touch with me, need a lovely friend like your self, much love 😍

  • Hey, well everyone on here is really lovely , just keep popping on and you will make loads of friends I know it and you won't be lonely anymore .

    I think because of all the pain and hard shape we are in makes it easy to isolate ourselves and I'm the same but we must keep trying . Sleep well xx πŸ˜‡

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