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Bladder cancer update.

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The latest scan revealed that there is no active cancer in the bladder, small issues continue with the cathater and light/med pain in the lower abdomen, the cancer in the lungs remains stable, a very encouraging report. I will be scanned in another 12 weeks. I remain positive and have no fear for the future, I remain strong in my faith and believe with all my heart in Christ my Saviour. I thank God for my wife and soul mate of 50 years, we celebrated our golden wedding anniversary in March this year, we have 5 children as 14 grandchildren who bring me so much joy I have no room for negative thoughts. God bless you all.

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Good news and may it continue.

My next scan should be in 10/11 weeks - positive thinking all the way.

Bless you! I have a Christian faith and wish I was as positive as you!

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