bladder cancer?

hi new to this so hoping for some insight.roughly 4 weeks ago I started passing blood,very visable and this went on for several hours with occasional clots as well but no pain.i went to the doctors with a urine sample and she examined me,no fever pain and blood pressure was fine.She referred me to a urologist who performed a cytoscope test.At first all was going well until he came to a group of red patches which to me looked like broken blood vessels but I'm not an expert.

He said he wasn't happy with them and I needed to go in for a biopsy which is next week.i have had an ultrasound on my kidneys and that has come back normal.

My question is could this be cancer,i am 52 yrs old and have smoked at least 35yrs.has anybody else had this experience and if so I would appreciate any information.

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  • Hi...I know it's hard not to worry...waiting is the worst... Sorry I can't answer you as personally I didn't have any blood in urine but growth was found in bladder on scan for kidney stones...please let me know how you get on and I'm here if you need a chat

  • thanx rossi...your right it is the waiting,would be a lot easier if I knew one way or the other then I could deal with it rather than second guessing everything,hope your treatment is going well and things are looking brighter for you.

  • The not knowing gets to you...I had my bladder removed just over 5 years ago...I'm not too bad thanks 

  • Could you tell me what was involved in your bladder removal? Thank you so much.

  • Hi...what would you like to know

  • My husband is 84 and was diagnosed with bladder cancer. They want to do surgery, or chemo, or radiation. We are opting for not doing anything because it hasn't invaded the muscle and maybe with diet and supplements we can forestall the end results.  Have you heard anything about this? He is not on any medication and otherwise is in good health.

  • Hi...from what I've heard these supplements haven't been proven to help...good news about result but I would get treatment

  • Wait and see and in most cases bladder cancer is not life threatening chin up mate.

  • thank you warlockgor,im staying positive,no use worrying till I know,fingers crossed its nothing

  • Can you tell us more about bladder cancer not being life threatening? thank you so much.

  • Fingers crossed for you next week 

  • thanx rossi...its actually this sat,but I'm staying positive,at least I'm getting nearer to knowing whats going on which will be a relief

  • Thinking of you today

  • thanx rossi..biopsy done now so that's another hurdle over,just the wait to deal with,also got a letter today saying I have to go for blood tests to check my psa,be glad when its all over :(

  • Hi....the waiting is the worst and it's one appointment after another...fingers crossed for you

  • Hi I had similar symptoms but over a longer period, sounds like your GP referred you very promptly. I'm waiting to go in for surgery but so far I'm keeping my bladder and prognosis is good!

  • thanx for your reply larry,so was it cancer for you or are u still waiting to hear?

  • Not confirmed yet but I'm booked in for TURBT (surgery via the urethra) and clearly assumption is that it's likely to be cancer. They will biopsy the tumour when it's out. Surprisingly I'm relaxed about the whole thing, as someone once said you can't add an inch to your height by worrying. Actually that might have been Jesus... also as I think has already been said in this forum, most bladder cancer isn't fatal and if it's caught early it's often just an unpleasant inconvenience... so I'm still smiling.

  • good for you larry...that's my attitude to it all at the moment,not sure if it will remain that way but time will tell,suppose not feeling ill or having any pain makes you think that way

  • Please tell me more of your reply "most bladder cancer isn't fatal" and what to do after the diagnosis of bladder cancer.

  • Hi, I'm no expert at statistics but I've read some of the more sensible material available on the Internet (like Macmillan and Cancer UK websites) and lower grade tumours caught early and treated properly appear to have survival rates close to 100%. People will warn you not to sit Googling bladder cancer, I think it is sensible, well-meant advice but I am happy personally that I can sift out the information I want and not frighten myself. Nobody wants surgery but in my case minor surgery to remove the tumour is the best option and I might as well just get on with it! As to what to do after a diagnosis, I think the best thing to do is get lots of advice from your medical team, make sure you ask all the questions you have and try to make sensible decisions about what is best for you. I understand and sympathise with people who are frightened by their diagnosis but personally I don't want to live my life constantly afraid of what might happen and miss out on life as a result... so I try to stay positive, make lots of inappropriate jokes about my situation and generally keep living life to the full. If you can manage it, it is great therapy. Best of luck.

  • Have great support system and you will be fine.

  • Hello I am waiting for cystoscopy as Mri showed a nodule on bladder i wish I could be as brave  as you I am so very worried.good luck for Saturday Michelle xx

  • not being brave shell I just know if worse comes to worse we have the best doctors in the world and they will sort it,just try and stay positive shell and try not to think to far ahead otherwise you will drive yourself crazy,fingers crossed it all has a good outcome for you x

  • I just feel panic stricken I have only got over one scare that they did mri for and all clear on that but picked nodule on bladder up,I feel traumatised by the whole thing x

  • I know its scary that's a natural reaction but nine times out of ten these things are much more easily resolved than u might bit of advice I will give you is stay away from google cos it will have u thinking all sorts,there are plenty of people on here to offer you support so your not alone...keeping my fingers crossed for you,and if your feeling really anxious call the medical team who are dealing with your case and maybe they can put your mind at ease x

  • Im afraid to say Google has Confirmed I have bladder cancer frequent weeing especially at night,and now the nodule all signs !! I had a wee test last month which showed trace of blood on dipstick but no infection another sign,bloody Google !! Thank you Alex for helping x

  • that's the problem with google,all my symptoms lead me to the same conclusion but the only person who can tell us for sure is our urologists and that's the opinion that counts,u will know more after your test so hang on in there x

  • I know I should never have done it xx

  • It's so easy to Google everything... We want answers ourselves... I remember looking up Stoma and ended up on you tube...omg the pictures were of course the worst ones...mine is nothing like them lol

  • Stay away from Google. I was stressed from reading

    information that was not correct.

  •'s hard to be brave...everyone is like awh I'm sure it's nothing...well it's not them...when do you go in

  • The blood i was passing was only visible to urine tests,i would have thought the ultrasound would have shown any cancers,mine did quite clearly.Did they say anything about your prostate as it can cause blood in the urine too? Us guys are useless in doctors appts,we never ask enough questions. Good luck with your biopsy,im hoping its just a bad bladder infection.

  • no the ultrasound was clear,so I thought that was the end of it but then my biopsy appointment came through so obviously not.I am confused about my prostate cos they have not even looked at that and I would have thought given my age they would.I doubt its a bladder infection as I have had no pain,stinging or problems passing water,and your right we don't ask enough questions but we never know what to say in that position.

  • Not sure where you live Alex but at Bladder Cancer Canada (I'm a survivor and volunteer board member) we have wonderful resources in place to support patients. Check it out at - Good luck with your follow up appointments.

  • thanx ferg,much appreciated,im actually in the uk but I will check that link out,u can never have too much support,great to hear from people who have got through it,gives us all hope

  • It is not an easy time by any means. It is only natural for someone to "worry". Remember that those around you worry too. The worry is natural, but won't help. Once you know where you stand, you will be ready to face what you have to face. I remember that I always wanted to "help" somehow, those with cancer - before I faced Bladder Cancer. Once I had my own situation - it shifted me in the way that I looked at it. I was then in for the fight against the disease and the will to survive. Be strong.

  • thanx,it certainly is a worrying time but I'm just carrying on as normal and keeping busy,find it helps while your waiting for answers,At the start I googled everything on the subject which was not a good idea because everyone is different and we always tend to focus on the worse case scenarios,so lesson learnt and ill deal with the facts as I get them and thanx for your good wishes,much appreciated

  • You'll see on the bladder cancer canada site two critical patient guidebooks - IF you have bladder cancer - they are tremendous resources. Generally speaking there are two main ways bladder cancer appears. One (which I had) is a non-invasive. This means it has not gone into the wall of the bladder. It is on the surface of the inside of the bladder. Mine was high grade I've taken BCG treatments for follow up. The other is muscle invasive - when it has gone into the wall.  I'm not going to get into more than that. But the guidebooks certainly do. Cheers.

  • Sounds the same as I had...the tumour was removed today now waiting for results...scary I smoked about the same quit 2 years ago keep me posted how things go for you 😣

  • I will do....hope your results come back clear,thanx for the reply

  • hi again iffete, just out of interest did you have patches on your bladder and if so did they look like broken bloodvessels to you

  • I had an mrI showing a nodule on wall of bladder but they said its indeterminate so cystiscopy needed but if it was cancer everyone keeps reassuring me they would have seen it and diagnosed and told me as that's why i had the mri? Thoughts please ?   Xx

  • Yo! Hope ALL goes well, routine pea sample showed blood in urine Jan14.... it looked as clear as mineral water! One cystoscopy later.... Hmmm that's interesting go get changed come and see me.... cancer! What !! Luckily it was right at the start and didn't show up on any other scans etc..... apparently, and I hardly smoked, it's the chemicals in the tobacco cause the cells to mutate over time..... he told me if you have the gene even passive smoking can cause it! I'm seemingly okay and await my next cystoscopy in September.... treatment isn't pleasant but seems to work okay if it hasn't left the bladder! Best of luck mate 👍

  • Alex1964 Sounds like what happened to me but an ultrasound picked up my tumor same day I went to GP to report blood in my urine.  I was addicted to an electronic cigarette for 18 months, and was never a full time smoker.  Yes - I have BC and have just started BCG treatment.  No side effects but I hate having a catheter shoved up my penis whilst I am awake. Good luck!

  • I was passing a lot of blood. Cystoscopy performed and was told I had a tumor..

    Your urologist didn't see a tumor, just red patches.I had tumor removed and then 2 weeks

    later had a biopsy. Tumor, non invasive but high grade. Started BCG treatments.

    Easy to say, stay positive.

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