Fatague issues

I thank God daily for the healing of the bladder, I had a TURBT in September to investagate the daily bleeding into the Cathater, some repairs were done and the bleeding is almost gone, a few light ones still. The biopsy from the TURBT has shown that there is no active cancer in the bladder. The tumor was removed in December 2015 and as it had gone through the bladder wall into the muscle I had secondaries in the lungs. During 2016 I had Radiotherapy on the bladder in March and April, in late May the Chemotherapy was started to combat the Cancer in the lungs. My last scan in September when compared to the June Scan showed that the lungs were stable. I am due another scan on the 20th January. Even though the Chemotherapy treatment ended late August I am still suffering from Fatague. Any one else feeling the same?

Please remember me in your prayers, I have a very deep faith in God who is getting me through this journey, He has provided me with a positive Spirit and a loving wife who cares for me. My prayer is that the scan will show no further progression of the Cancer. God bless you all.

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  • Great to hear you are beating this thing, i finished my chemo around the same time as yours and i still struggle some days.Not as many day naps as i was having but a day in the garden means i cant do anything the next day. I am told that i am in remission so im planning on getting back to work soon. I will just need to take a good supply of continence pads with me. :)

  • I trust God as you do that he heals. He healed my body of bladder cancer and I believe he has done the same thing for you. We have to continue to thank him and praise him for his healing, delivering you from this disease. He's mighty in power and there is nothing he can't do, just keep trusting him no matter what it looks like. In the middle of the storm, praise him and watch him work. You're in good hands with God carrying you thru this. He blessed you with a wonderfully supportive wife and family to see you thru this and you will come out of this in great health. My husband and I are thanking God for your healing because it's already done! BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!! God Bless you and your family always

  • All I have to say to you is God loves you and I will not apologize for trusting in God for my healing. He has given man knowledge and works through man if he is willing. I too have been healed, only I give GOD, who is my HEALER the glory. Have a blessed day!

  • Hi Linny,

    I was very encouraged to read how your faith is getting you through. I have a faith too but it feels as if God has left me to it! I was diagnosed with bladder cancer six and a half years ago which had spread to the ureters . After major surgery I was cancer free for two years but then it kept coming back. After BCG the last couple of checks were cancer free but it's a horrible emotional journey.

  • Hi Letterhead, I totally understand how you feel! Bladder cancer is something that seem to hang around. I watched my husband Lee go through 3 bouts of cancer. Two were of the colon and 1 stomach that went through every layer of his stomach. Not once did he complain or fall into despair. Every day was a blessing to him and he praised GOD and kept believing that He had been healed. People from our church watched him and were encouraged with their issues. Needless to say, that has been more than 10 years ago and he's doing great! When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I knew God would do the same healing for me, I was diagnosed in 2015, had turbt and had test every 3 months with no recurrence, Then last year, at my first 6 month checkup, they said it was back. In my heart I just didn't believe it even though I saw it on the screen myself. I kept my eyes on the LORD knowing that he is with me and when the turbt was done, results came back it wasn't cancer!!!!! So faith is EVERYTHING!!!! He WILL do the sam thing for you, just trust him and watch him work in your favor. Many blessings to you and your family

  • Hi Linny, thank you for your lovely encouraging email I will do my best. I pray and so do my friends and family but not sure how to trust - I find it really hard to hand it over, scared of what may happen I guess, that makes me sound really weak doesn't it?

    Ps I'm struggling to find other women with bladder cancer!

  • You're not weak, you're human. Trusting solely in God didn't happen overnight for me. Faith is believing without seeing and it took me some time to get there. Sometimes I wonder why has God been so good to us and it's because GOD IS GOOD. He gives us GRACE and MERCY!!! More importantly, he loves you just as he loves us all!!! Trust GOD with your healing and he won't let you down. I pray one day really soon you'll learn to cast your cares on him and let him handle them. That's his job and believe me he's really good at it! You're not alone. God is with you and we are too!!

  • Thank you so much, we will pray for you too

  • Thank you. I'm here if you need me. God Bless you!

  • Thank you, I'm here for you too.

  • God us looking over you. Believe my friend. Good luck

  • Thank you for your encouragement, God bless.

  • Seen the Oncologist last Thursday and we praise God for she confirmed that there was no active cancer anywhere in my body at present, due to the nature of the Cancer I will remain Palliative for some time requiring regular checks, my right kidney is growing and may require a stint if flow becomes painful or restricted. I will have the cathater for the rest of my life. So what, I have got my life back. God has worked a miracle with healing and I am so grateful for all the messages and prayer support we have received. Thanks also goes to the medical staff at the Belfast Cancer Center they have and continue to provide excellent care with love and compassion.

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