Positive Future

Positive Future

On the 30th December I had a tumor removed from the bladder leaving a bit still in the muscle, the biopsy showed it to be aggressive, the scan showed secondaries on the lungs, they decided to treat the bladder first with Radiotherapy, I had another scan after the treatment which showed the Radiotherapy had worked, but in the mean time the lungs had got worse, I have an appointment with the chemotherapy team this coming Tuesday April 19th, I have also been advised that if the chemo treatment doesn't work I have about a year left to live. But I will thank God for each new day and live it in accordance to my Christian faith.

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  • Good to see a positive attitude... Thinking of you

  • Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with bladder cancer back in 2014, it was low grade but one of the tumors was considered large at 5cm. Had turbt and my urologist got it all. A couple of weeks ago at one of my appointments, my doctor found a small tumor and just this past week I had surgery to remove tumor and given chemo directly to my bladder.  I want you to know that I too trust GOD and believe he can do anything but fail. Trust him with your whole heart and know that he even raised the dead. My husband had cancer of the colon twice and stomach cancer that went thru every layer of his stomach. With faith in God he is here and doing great! I want you to know that prayer changes things and my husband and I are praying for you. 

  • Thank you for your prayer support, my faith in God is strong and I believe in His promise "ask and you will receive" I will pray for you and your husband as well.

  • just joined group as my husband found out he had cancer in 2014 and keep seeing turbt what is it

  • Turbt-remove the tumor.

  • God bless you.  i will pray for you, though i don't know you.  i have had bladder cancer and i am safe, now.  but i always worry.  good luck.

  • Thank you for your reply, I live in Belfast and attending the Cancer Center at the Belfast City Hospital,  they are a great team of medical professionals looking after me. I am in good hands which are guided by the prayers of the faithful. God bless and have a great week.

  • 🍀👍 good luck...stay positive & keep smiling.

  • I am very positive and blessed by the NHS team that are caring for me at the Cancer Center in Belfast.

  • Good luck today, thinking of you.

  • Hi, sorry to hear that things have progressed so quickly , my Husband is on his second course of BCG The tumour is also in the muscle wall so we will just have to keep fingers crossed that this might work the second time. Every good luck to you and certainly keep your faith.

  • hope all works out for you

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