Surgery is behind me

Hi all! I had a cystectomy and prostatectomy (along with assorted other bits a parts), last Tuesday. Surgery took over 10 hours and was all done robotically. I came home yesterday and am learning to live with a "bag". I'm tired and weak, but feel amazingly well--little to no pain or other discomfort. Now if I could just get over these post-surgical hiccups!

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  • Well done.... Good to hear recovery is going great... Just takes time and don't try to do too much... Plenty of rest and don't forget inside takes longer to heal.. Thinking of you

  • don't try do too much rest and sleep my husband had bladder removed in oct 2014 and as bag just takes time

  • Glad all going well for you,take it easy best wishes x

  • Glad all went well. Positive attitude is half the cure. Our stoma nurse is a wealth of information, and very helpful and reassuring in the early days.

    All the best.

  • Hi Jim47 My thoughts are with you. and hope for a speedy recovery. you will be tired for a little time but it will pass. all the best. keep in touch.

  • You are brave! I wish you well and a speedy recovery. You will be fine.

  • Had my first post-op appointment yesterday. They feel that I am recovering "ahead of the curve". Most importantly, all of the pathology came back negative. Now I just have to be monitored on a regular basis. Also, I am learning to live with a "bag".

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