Chemotherapy started

Chemotherapy started

Hi all. Hope everyone is well and life is good . Had my over night session of chemotherapy and my one session last week no more until next overnight session in two weeks. All good no side effects yet , feel great. Bloods good .

Hope this keeps up and I remain feeling this good. Is it possible to have no major effects from chemotherapy or is it really early days?

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  • Just want to say best wishes to you Saviie,I will possibly start the chemotherapy after seeing consultant in 2wks,had TURBT last week,revealed T3 muscle invasive tumour,please take care and I hope all turns out well for you xx

  • Cheers. Take care yourself x

  • Hey. Sure everything will go well for you just keep on keeping on 😄

  • Very good luck Looking

  • I had few side affects from the chemo,although the last few sessions tended to knock me around a lot more. You dont mention what drugs they are using,some are more aggressive than others. Good luck with all your treatments and i hope you get an all clear on the other side. :)

  • Thank you the drug I am having is gemcitabine and cisplatin

  • The same drugs i had,i think you will find the gemcitabine the worst, it can 'burn' the walls of your veins as it goes in.Make sure you tell the nurse straight away if it hurts going in as they can increase the dilution and lessen the 'burning' , and they can give you a heat pack to ease the discomfort. This team of drugs was successful in my case and helped clean up any remaining spots of cancer. Hope it works for you too. Cheers.

  • It sounds good so far Saviie, I'm sure your positive attitude helps. Good luck with the rest of the treatment and best wishes for your recovery.

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