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Fight Bladder Cancer
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now i have the results

I have just been told that I have stage 1 bladder cancer , I have had the tumor removed and that I am to be re checked in around 3 months to see if it has returned , Hopefully it won't have but if it has it will be stage 2 and require chemo...

It all seems so mind blowing and scary , with not knowing what is next......

I am trying to stay positive but it is like a cloud hanging over me ...... will it ever lift !!!

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Hi Anniemouse. Please try to be positive, I had stage two tumor removed over a year ago and all clear since with no chemo. Worrying will stress you out and you really may not need chemo. Some people only ever get one tumor and nothing more comes of it but if you do need anything else done, as horrible as it is, it isn't generally life threatening. Be positive and good luck.



thank you for your reply.

Great to hear some positive news from someone who can understand my concerns .

knowing this site is here is good for contact with other people in a similar situation and hearing there stories is helpful to know one is not alone x

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Hi Anniemouse. By the time i was diagnose with bladder cancer, it was stage 3, muscle invasive bladder cancer. At that stage i said we are going to beat it. I started chemo in February, had 4 sessions, but due to underlying problems, i had a heart attack, so the chemo had to stop. What chemo i had was working well, it had shrunk the cancer. But because of my situation, they removed my bladder, and had a Neo Bladder reconstruction, that was in May. I am now out cycling, building up my strength, and i am feeling really good, and looking going back to work soon.

Keep Positive, Keep telling yourself you will beat it, because you are going to.

All the best,,,, take care,,,, and keep us informed.



Hi Gareth

Thank you for your reassuring message.

You have come through quiet an ordeal and remain positive .

good luck for the return to work .

I think because it is early days for me and i have fleeting thoughts of worst case scenario . but i can see from this site that there are a lot of positive fighters out there ....

I also have Crohns disease and await a major operation so one thing after another or so it seems .

But i have a lot to live for and will fight whatever life throws at me x

It is nice to know one can share concerns with those that know rather than google which is scary .


Why would it necessarily be Stage 2? Why could it not be a Stage 1 again and removed once again? Just asking, because I am in the same exact situation. Good luck to the both of us.

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Hi Yankeebo

I was told by my consultant if the tumor returned in the short space of 3 months it would then be graded as a medium risk and i would need an 8 week course of chemo , maybe i misheard and it wouldn't necessarily be a grade 2 ..... there was a lot of information to take in so please except my apology if i have misled you .

I have had a grade 1 some ten years ago so this is my second tumor so maybe that is why ...........

I truly hope it doesn't return for either of us.

It is a worrying time

but sharing thoughts and feelings does help .

so thanks for your reply

Good luck


Hi anniemouse,

Thanks for your quick reply. I had a TURB on June 1 and a stage 1 urothelio carcinoma was removed. Doctor said this was low grade and the best outcome of biopsy (non invasive), said it was about a 2" mass that looked about a year or two old. He did say he wanted to see me every 3 months for the first year, 2x a year for second year, and 1x a year down the road. He did say they have a tendency to grow back at times, that is why the many follow ups. Since you and I are asking questions and conversing about it, I will be sure to ask him these same pointed questions when I see him on Sept 6, and post here what answers I will have gotten. I am 73 and this is my first experience with this diagnosis. I feel fine so hope this is a good indicator. Will be in touch and hope the best for the both of us. 😀


Thanks Yankeebo

I hope all goes ok with your consultation and i look forward to hearing the feedback .

I am 51 and this is my second experience , but my first was over 8 years and ago and i wasn't informed of the outcome of the biopsies and had follow ups but these were all ok so the scans were stopped ,

The tumor was detected this time from having a CT scan for my other ongoing illness .

All the best

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I know just how u feel They removed my tumour then again removed what it was growing on well I was told I had to.hve chemo as roots were deep . I have crones and were dead against giving me chemo so il b going for surgery remove the bladder womb and hve wee bag .. But I'm a live .U hve to think positive and pit urself in the hands of those knowing what there doing cause they are trying to get u better

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