Getting chemo of metastasized BC

After losing a kidney, my bladder, prostate and other assorted bits, I was hoping I had finally beat bladder cancer. Unfortunately, in Nov. I was told it had metastasized and I had nodules developing in my lungs. My doctor considered it terminal and suggested aggressive chemo to control it. I had a CTscan last week after 3 rounds of chemo, and the chemo is not only controlling it, but all the nodules have shown significant reduction is size and the smaller ones have all but disappeared. Still too early to tell, but gives me hope for a possible cure.

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  • Heart breaking news, Jim, but glad to hear the chemo is working. Really hope you can become cancer free. Best wishes.

  • Thanks. I'm feeling encouraged--and hopeful.

  • had the same problem and same result.

  • How are you doing? Wishing you all the best!

  • not bad. chemo has shrunk tumor. can't cure it but stable right now. hang in there and keep in touch.

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