Still all clear

I had my consultant visit and he told me there seemed no reason to have my bladder out as the cancer has gone but said he would the first in line for surgery if the cancer returned.

Just had my 3 monthly flexy cystoscopy and it still looks good. Now on 6 monthly check-ups. Mitomyacin seems to have worked so far.

Keep hopeful fellow sufferers as I found a positive attitude greatly improved your outcome.😀

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  • So pleased for you and best wishes for the future.

  • Great to hear some positive news amongst all the sadness.!

  • Good news Rojen.

    I had my bladder removed 2 months ago, and had a Neo Bladder reconstruction, and its highly likely im cancer free. I totally agree with you to keep positive, and stress to others to keep positive, as we know, that is half the battle.

    Good luck with your 6 month check up!!

  • Thanks Gareth. Hope your new neobladder works for you and keeps you cancer free.


  • had not heard of Mitomyacin- I was given BCG infusions into my bladder and had to hold it there for 2 hours- its a weakened form of TB. done each week for 3 weeks followed by a bladder inspection- so far I am clear. I live in Seattle.

  • The mitomyacin is a type of chemotherapy which is inserted into the bladder the same way as the bcg but only held for an hour. I had this treatment as my cancer returned 3 months after my bcg course. So far it seems to have worked. Have to wait and see in 6 months time for my next cystoscopy test.

    Stay hopeful buddy


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