Chemo side effects - Friend is Tired and Feels Awful

Hi everyone,

One of my friends has bladder cancer and is currently undergoing chemo. I can't fully understand what he is going through but I can see that it has completely destroyed him. I feel somewhat helpless and want to do anything to help him. He is constantly tired and doesn't seem like his old self. This seems a bit silly to post but does anyone have any advice? How did you deal with cancer? Also what were your eating habits? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much

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  • Hmmm burke23. I got in trouble from my oncologist because I was apparently taking my diagnosis a little too casually. He expected me to be more down beat and recommended I seek counselling to deal with it better. That was 8 months ago, and I have now just been told the cancer has disappeared following a 6 week course of BCG, followed by a cystoscopy last Wednesday. Everyone behaves differently, but I think a positive attitude is very important. I didn't change any aspect of my lifestyle or eating habits. I am married with 4 sons aged 6 - 18. With everyone else worrying about me, I had nothing to worry about. You are a good person taking on this stress for your friend. Sorry I can't be of more help and best wishes to you both.

  • Hi julib - Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it! I think you are right everyone deals with it in a different way. That's awesome news :D Haha maybe I'm worrying to much for him! I guess keeping things 'normal' is very important thanks for the insight.

  • I'm a worrier 'by nature'. I had non- invasive bladder cancer diagnosed last August. Had the tomour remived n bladder blasted with mitomyacin. 3 monthly cytoscopies and so far bladder is clear.

    I do get my depressive down days when I fear the cancer is back and I feel so tired...but most days I try to not dwell on bad thoughts.

    For you...just 'be there' quietly supporting your friend because believe me, he will share his thoughts and fears if and when he feels he can. I wish him luck 🍀👍

  • Great attitude👍

  • Great attitude 👍 Worrying won't heal or cure cancer...won't solve anything. Just gotta get on with it and do your best 👍

  • Hi there

    I'm currently having weekly Mitomycin in the bladder and find it absolutely exhausting. I don't know what your friend is having. I'm sleeping as much as I can and laying very low - not working at all- this is my full time job the way I see it. For me it's like having very bad flu. Drinking lots of water and green tea and on chemo day sushi works for me but I'm pretty sure everyone is different. Positive thinking and lots of support from personal cheerleaders is invaluable.

    Good luck to you both and you sound like an excellent cheerleader for your friend. I hope they feel better soon.

  • Hi PaMul - Thanks for the advice. Sleep is key! Thanks for the tips - Sushi is probably a good idea as well! We have started to try out some energy bars (the healthy type), he says its more manageable rather than big meals. Got a bunch from Live Better With which he says he likes. Thought I'd share it with you in case you were interested: Yes, I think reading some peoples advice It's about keeping positive / understanding but being normal as well! Thanks for the advice appreciate it!

  • Hi burke23

    Thanks for the link to "livebetterwith" looks like a great source of information and support. I found the book "Anti-Cancer" by Dr David Servan-Screiber really helpful too.

    Good luck to you and your friend and stay positive - it really makes a difference.

  • PaMul i felt exactly the same when going through my 6 week course of BCG. Whilst I kept working throughout, I was going to bed at 7pm nightly and sleeping through to 7am. I was like a baby and have never slept better! I also craved sushi which is interesting. Hang in there and staying positive is my advice.

  • Thanks julib. It certainly seems to have worked for you! Well done on being all clear it's great to read positive stories.

  • My partner is having chemo for bladder cancer and the side effects u mention are normal. Darren eats what he wants and i also supplement his intske cause its not a lot with fortisips off the doctor

  • have they tried Marijuana yet?

  • Did he try getting some marijuana strains . I have read about it but never tried this though , Still wanting to do so

  • I was diagnosed with non invasive BC in 2012- had 2 surgeries and countless bcg infusions since then and also with bladder inspections- well i did change my diet somewhat- more asparagus, less sugars and more mushrooms and water with apple cider vinegar....i surprised myself at my lack of reaction to the the cancer news- it was just one more thing to deal with. Have been dealing with it but it usually is not on my radar anymore....

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