Radical Cystectomy and Neo Bladder

Hello All

Came into hospital last Tuesday for muscle invasive bladder cancer. Ive had my bladder removed, and now a proud owned of a new Neo Bladder.

Went into surgery at 8am, next thing i new it was 4.30pm, never known a day to go so quick lol.

I came out of recovery and straight onto a ward. Well the staff are amazing. Had visits from the consultant, anaesthetist, and staff that was in Theatre. They all said surgery went really well.

The next day (Wed), Consultant and nurses could not get over how well i looked.

As the day went on started to feel really tired and tender.

I now have 4 temporary bags coming out of my neo bladder. They are a Stent bag to keep kidneys clear. A drain Bag. A Super Pelvic bag, and a Urethral bag, the last 2 i am flushing myself every 4 hours, to flush out mucas. These bags will be removed when my Neo is working ok.

Its Saturday now, feeling pretty good, but sore.

Am looking forward to next Tue or Wed to go home.

I know im in for a long haul to total recovery, and to get the all clear, with a positive mind.

I Will keep this post updated.

Regards Gareth

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  • So good to hear from you....worst is over with now ...just take it easy

  • Thank you Rossi.

    Taking it easy now. Moving around slowly, as the lower part of my abdomen is sore and tender, so just shuffling around at the moment lol. But all is good.

  • Believe me I know how you feel...but you will get there given time... thinking of you and we all here for you anytime

  • Great news! Hope it works well for you Gareth :)

  • Thank you all is good at the moment.

  • Onwards and Upwards now 👍

  • Sending many,many good wishes that all will be straightforward and go well for you xx

  • Gareth_G You sound like you are in great spirits considering what major surgery you have just been through. Great work and all the best. No doubt I will have my turn soon.

  • I am following your post. I find this very interesting. I pray for a good and speedy recovery!

  • Did they take your prostate too Gareth?

  • Thank you Gareth, for the update, I hope it all continues to go well, and a speedy recovery. Don't forget to let us know how you are getting on in the next few days !At least that's over with lol !

  • all the best

  • Wishing you well Gareth x keep positive x

  • I had the same op a year ago and I'm fine. It's not been easy but I'm here.😎

  • Im glad to hear that, a week has gone by now. Feeling good, although i did have a leak on my drain, which they had to re stich.

  • Good luck Gareth, stay strong and positive xx

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