Results and treatment

Results and treatment

Hi all 

Just had the results of my PET scan and all is little cancer cells anywhere else! So great news. The treatment plan is Gemcitabine and cisplatin chemotherapy due to start in about 2/3 weeks. It's in a 3 week cycle for 3 months. I have to stay in hospital on day one of all 3 cycles overnight. Any one else had thisnxxx ? And if so what side effects did you have? 

There seems to be loads of side effects.......not sure what to expect....

Keep well everyone and keep positive.....its curable .....that's the main thing....

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  • Hi...glad  it's not spread anywhere... Sorry I can't help as my option was only bladder removal... I'm sure someone will be able to help you

  • I am just finishing up my cycles on these drugs, in my case i had gemcitabine and cisplatin one week ,the next i just had gemcitabine and the third week was a rest before starting over again. Of the two drugs the most powerful is the gemcitibine which is given in a smaller dose than the other.Gemcitabine can burn the inside of your veins as it goes in so it is usually administered with a partner bag of saline to dilute it ,if it starts to hurt ,please tell the nurse and she can give you a heat pack,and sometimes they warm your arm in a bucket of warm water first. Being a male i put up with the pain the first dose and the veins they used then are still useless and im near the end of my cycle.I had a few minor side affects which got worse the further into the cycle i went. Chronic hiccups,insomnia the first few days after the doses,sore arm (you may not get this if you take note above) lethargy,heart palpitations the first night after the dose and in my case more mucus released in my urine due to me having a Neo bladder. Havent had any hairloss but as i shave my hard its hard to tell :) and no vomiting but some nausea. Before you get the two drugs they will probably give you a third drug called dimethasone which is to help with nausea and vomiting, they may also give you it in tablet form to take the first three days after your chemo.

    This post is getting huge and there is special requirements after your chemo to protect yourself and others around you.If  you want to hear them i can add them on here later, but your doc will probably let you know about them.

  • Sounds like fun!!! So a few side effects... Hope you feel better during your rest period. I've got to have a kidney test before they start mine.  Good job it's summer if I can't sleep at night maybe I will sunbath and sleep during the day!  Do you feel tired? Can you still do things?   I have a day 1 then a day 8 then a day 21 then 13 days off( for good behaviour lol !)  not looking forward it it but hey, I will just have to grin and bear it as the saying goes. Keep in touch and are you going to have radiotherapy now?

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