Catch it early if you can

About 9 years ago, I went to the loo, and I was shocked to see it was bright red. I am on warfarin, and thought it might be to do with that. Luckily it was clinic day, so I phoned and she agreed to see me straight away. As my warfarin reading was fine she phoned my GP who also agreed to see me the next morning with a sample, which was clear. But he sent it away, and also arranged for me to see a specialist, which was all done within a few weeks. It was scary. They did a cystoscopy and found a small something. I was really upset as I had a dear friend dying of liver cancer at the time, so my timing couldn't really have been worse. Anyway, they arranged to have a rigid cystoscopy to remove it. I had to go back to clinic about 3 weeks later, and they told me it was benign, but would have become malignant if I had not done anything about it. I had to go back once a year for a check up, these checkups last for 10 years before you get the all clear, and then 8 years later went for my check up and lo and behold they spotted something again, they weren't sure but decided to remove it anyway. Again luckily it was benign, so back on the 10 year check up cycle. I suppose what I am saying is, never ignore things. My initial bleed was a one off, and I could have so easily thought it was down to warfarin and waited to see if it happened again.

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  • I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in September of last year, had an operation just before Christmas and another one with a biopsy in early January. That's the only treatment I've had apart from 1 Aspirin a day. I had High grade, aggressive, non invasive cancer and apart from a couple of uncomfortable months I've had no problems at all. I feel so lucky when I read the other stories.


  • great to hear this. Jean

  • Nice to hear an uplifting and happier cancer story.Well done and long may it continue.Take care

  • I also had an unexplained bleeding episode 2 years ago. I might have ignored it, but was supposed to go overseas on vacation in 3 days. Long story short, follow-up visits to that episode led to the discovery of my cancer. Early detection is so important for effective treatment. I don't know how I would be if I had ignored that incident.

  • So pleased you are OK now

  • Agreed, I bled quite heavily and decided to get it checked just in case it wasn't just my aspirin or heavy exercise, there was trace of blood so got referred all tests negative until the cystoscopy and that should carpet like tumours, they were superficial and I have now gone to annual check ups. I am so glad they were vigilant and I went to the GP quickly, in fact I was lucky to get an appointment quickly as it was two Summers ago.

  • Exactly the same as me. Pleased to hear you are well. Jean

  • So good to hear a happy story. Shows how important it is to move fast and not hope it goes away now it's home. Good luck for all the future tests long may they be clear

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