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Hello I'm Michelle 49 and last week had results from Mri showing deep endometriosis,also what showed up was a 7x8 mm bladder nodule in anterior wall and cystic spaces within bladder.i have been frequently weeing for over two years now and numerous urine tests showed no infection but last test showed trace of blood on dipstick.i am having a cystoscopy this bladder cancer as I'm Not sure what a nodule is but I am very worried thank you Michelle xx

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  • Hi Michelle thanks for your reply. All I can say is they can't tell until you have your flexi scope. I can tell you I was terrified and I know how you feel. Please take someone with you who understands. I had five tumours. And didn't know anything about bladder cancer. I didn't want to know only I didn't want it. You are not on your own Michelle although it feels like it at the time. Please keep talking and asking it does help. Please keep me informed and I hope I can help you get through it x

  • I've had an mri last week which said 7x8 mm bladder nodule on anterior wall.did you have an Mri too and how are you feeling ?you look great xx

  • What were your symptoms I frequently wee more so at night but have endometriosis deep too.xx

  • Hi Michelle yes I'm feeling great now. It's been a long journey since 2011 but last week I got a clear test and don't have to go back for 18 months. I have to go out now but I will be back after four o'clock I will tell you of my journey through this x

  • Thank you so much and what great great news 😊😊😊😊

  • Hi I'm back sorry I had to go out. No mine started when I was going on the change I thought I was just spotting never thought anything about it ,until it kept coming and going I thought I had better get it checked. They did a check of everything except my bladder. I went away and it came back. I think it was by chance I saw another doctor then they gave me an MRI but then they said we think it's cancer but didn't know till I had my flexi scope. It doesn't hurt. The staff at Bolton are fantastic. Where are you having yours done ? I live in Bolton x

  • Spotting blood from bladder or. Womb? This is how I got going had a 3 week bleed last October peri menopause but he sent me for scan which showed cysts in ovaries had two follow up and they were concerned for ovarian cancer as cyst turned solid but mri showed it was an endometrioma and I had deep infiltrating endo on ligaments and some on bowel but the bladder nodule they said indeterminate maybe a endometriosis deposit but have put me down for urgent cystoscopy.did they tell you there and then and did you frequently wee ? This is my main symptom xx

  • When I had my follow up after urgent Mri the gun didn't mention cancer he just said I want you to have a cystoscopy as there's an indentation on my report of appt with him it stayed 7x8 mm nodule and internal cystic spaces within bladder but not sure what that means any idea? Xx

  • Hi I'm not really sure what that means iv not come across that one. Yes while your having your flexi scope they recommend you look at the screen so you can see what they see. Yes they will tell you there an then. They may have to take a little of it for tests x

  • Hi Michelle yes I forgot to say that I was always going to the toilet. I still do they gave me a tablet at the doctors called vesicare to stop me going through the night,theydo work but I only take them if iv not had much sleep. x

  • Is that a symptom of bladder cancer frequent weeing ? I'm 49 and need a hysteroscopy too for bleeding in between periods and prolong heavy periods ! I've just had a scare for ovarian and now it's bladder ! Do you know if a nodule is the same as a tumour ? Xx

  • Hi I never had anyone say to me you had a nodule in my bladder, they always referred it has a tumours. Yes going to the toilet and blood in your water that was my system. But I didn't have a lot of bleeding In between. x

  • Did u have blood in your wee too? I have it when tested on a dipstick but can't see it xx

  • Did you see my private message ? Xx

  • Yes mine was on a dip stick I couldn't see it in my wee. No I didn't see your private message. How do I get it x

  • You will see a orange 1 top left of page press on it and a list will come up just click on messagesAnd my message will pop up but its private 😊

  • Hi Michelle I think I must have it because iv seen everything I think and replied to you. Haha  did you put on where you was having your flexi because if you have I don't have it. Iv pressed on the little orange and I get your text. x

  • Hi no you haven't replied to my private message it was under the heading hello 😊😊😊

  • Hi there,i just want to tell you my story if it can help,i was going thru menopause about 5 years ago and i was going to the bathroom two to four times during the night and i had symptoms of bladder infections all the time.I went to the hospital for tests and no infections but always blood in urine.For me ,it turned out to be interssistial cistitis,a big name for cronick inflammation of the bladder due to the lining of the bladder being always irritated and my utologist said that the blood in my urine was caused by the little blood vessels in my bladder being inflamed so for me vesicare 10 mg did help.I was really glad it wasn't bladder cancer.However my sister had the operation yesterday for a tumer in her bladder and they told her it was early cancer.She is still in the hospital.It is not always cancer though so keep the hopes up.

  • Thankyoufor sharing your story. It means a lot but mri has detected a nodule on my bladder wall 7 x8 mm and cystic spaces in bladder and Mri was looking for something else !! So I got all clear on one thing and then they see pleased you're ok and wishing your sister all my positive thoughts and care.can you tell me how your sister was diagnosed if you are able too please.xx

  • She was seeing blood after the urine flow and also blood clots and says it was painless.she is menopaused since she was 26 years old because she had histerectomy for large non cancerous tumor in her uterus then.This was 35 years ago,she is now 61 years old.She never had children either.If i can help with any questions please feal free to ask,staying positive helps too.

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope you get good news soon.

  • Thankyou so much cxx

  • Hi Michelle when you have your cystoscopy your doctor/surgeon will tell you what's going on.Try and be positive and if it's worse scenario trust the experts they are brilliant at their job.I had a cancerous tumour removed last August and follow up all clear.But more than aware can return later on.Very good luck thinking about you take care,ps let us know how you get on can really help talking and sharing things regarding this awful disease 

  • Thankyou I'm just not sure as the nodule is at anterior wall and it says I have small cystic spaces in bladder.can I ask what were your symptoms please xxx

  • Hi Shell peeing a lot and sometimes desperate to wee and struggles to come out and blood in my urine.thats when I went to doctors and was in hospital within 4 weeks and luckily only low grade Cancer hadnt entered my bladder lining so all was removed.Fingers crossed now but always at the back of your mind it may return

  • Did u see blood in urine ? Mine showed when I thought I had a wee infection and on dipstick it showed a so very scared xx

  • Hi Shell try not to be scared easier said than done I know.Yes saw blood in urine then went straight to doctors and he was on the ball.Went for cystoscopy and was clear as a bell on the TV monitor looked like a little flower and he told me there and then that it was a cancerous tumour.My head was spinning was then taken to an office and spoke to a Macmillan nurse who was great.Caught the bus home went to Wetherspoons,not a big drinker by any means but had 3 quick lagers composed myself then spoke to my 3 eldest children,2 of them then came to Wetherspoons and then the journey started.If you have close family and friends use them they will be a great support for you.Mine were amazing and still are.My biggest problem is I have 2 small children too aged 9 and 8 no longer with their mum but still a massive part of my life.I still see them alternate weekends,midweek too and extra during school hols.That was what I struggled with the most having to worst scenario leaving them without a daddy.Its a tough illness and plays with your head!!!!

  • Thankyou for sharing 😊you're so nodule is on anterior wall is 7x8 mm big I haven't a clue !! There are small cystic spaces in bladder any idea what they are as haven't a clue I'm just reading my mri report.i thought Mri shows up if things are cancer or not mine has come back as indeterminate nodule xx

  • Sorry Shell no idea there is a lot of technical jargon used.Mine was a lot simpler went and had the tube down my wee hole and bladder came up on monitor.He then told me cancerous,was removed then have to wait a few weeks to find out how serious the Cancer was.Can assure you far from brave just got used to dealing with s..t try not to get to stressed and wait and see what the cystoscopy shows up then take it from there.

  • Yes Thankyou does the cystiscopy hurt ? I think I know a bit more as I had an mri for something else which showed up this nodule so read my certainly helps having someone to talk too as I have no support at home they all think I'm mad for thinking I have bladder cancer !! But I have all the symptoms and now this nodule has shown up xx

  • Hi Shell no doesn't hurt at all put some cream on to numb it a bit and only takes minutes.Sorry you've no support it does help a lot.Your bound to think the worst,I wasn't to worried at first but my eldest son was,think he had read up a bit about bladder cancer.But for me was a massive shock.All we can do is trust the experts,and if it is bladder cancer get it dealt with and await the results of biopsy.Hopefully might prove to be something minor I really hope it is

  • Thankyoubut I can't see what else it could be in the bladder that's my reading of it most tumours nodules are cancerouson bladder I've read I so hope I'm wrong !! I'm so so scared xx

  • Ah bless your bound to be scared,Im sometimes to honest but that's just me.If it is bladder cancer there are a lot worse places to get it.You might be like me and get it sorted with a clear follow up that's the best scenario.If has entered your bladder lining and is a high grade Cancer they will give you options as to the best way forward.When I was diagnosed I spent 2/ 3 on line reading up on bladder cancer and it was the worst thing I could have done because that is scary.The surgeons/doctors are very clever people and they will do the right thing by you I promise.When is your cystoscopy??

  • I am waiting for letter for appt. on report it said urgent cystoscopy and hysteroscopy needed as there's a problem with womb too it just seems so ongoing ! They cleared me on one thing that's why I had mri but it picked up bladder and womb issue xx

  • Oh that's a pain thought you had an actual date.Hopefully as its down as urgent you should hear soon.Mine was all very quick about 3 weeks and all done.I can't really say anything to stop you worrying as the big C is such a horrible illness but I will always be honest and if I can help that's great.Keep your chin up and try and be positive

  • Hi Shell

    Try not to be too worried about your bladder I have had 2 nodules removed over the past year it is a very simple procedure mine was cancerous but it is not life threatening if caught early I didn't need chemo.

    If it needs chemo it isn't the scary one that make you feel unwell it is just a flush that they put in your bladder for 15/20 min maybe a few sessions then repeat consultations every 3 months to make sure all is well.

  • Thank you so much what were your symptoms ?im so worried as have had frequent weeing  for a couple of years now more so at night and trace of blood on dipstick a couple of months ago when testing me for wee infection but no infection found and they didn't follow it nodule is 7 x 8 mm on anterior bladder wall is this big and Cana nodule be benign too? Xxx

  • Also what is the difference between a nodule and tumour or is it the same thing ? I also got told bladder has an indentation which must be the nodule.i was also diagnosed with deep infiltrating endometriosis at Mri but bladder nodule was indeterminate on mri.i thought mri showed cancer or benign xx

  • Hi Shell how are you doing?Have you heard anything yet?Hope your in a good frame of mind.Take care Martin x

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