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Survive - Catch it Early !

Survive - Catch it Early !

I was fortunate to catch my Bladder Cancer early. I had a different back pain than I was used to. After an ultra sound with "no issues", my accupuncturist suggested I go back and ask the doctor for more tests. My doctor sent me for a CT scan which revealled a tumour in the bladder. After my initial cystoscopy the urologist discovered two tumours which were non-invasive and removed in March of 2014. I was fortunate to have a very issues free recovery. I have had 18 BCG treatments since. (as of April 6th 2016). I have now been moved to six month check ups from three months since my surgery. I am a member of the Bladder Cancncer Canada Board and executive committee, with responsibilities as National Walk Lead for our September 25th Walk in Canada. Nice to meet you ! @FergDevins 

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Thanks for your post and glad to hear the treatment's going well.  Has all the treatment reduced the size of your bladder much?  I've had BCG treatment for two years and my consultant is now reluctant for me to continue with it as the combination of the disease, TURBTs and BCG treatment has really reduced the size of my bladder.  Will be having a consult later this week to discuss the future options.



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