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Hi, I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in 2009. I was almost totally blocked. I had an 8 cm tumor and 2 more behind it. A long surgery....had to have a second surgery about a month and a half later to finish getting the rest. My cancer kept coming back...it is reoccurring. Eventually went thru 6 rounds of BCG treatments two times. Finally a couple of years later my doctor tried chemo (Mytomicin C) spelling. It was put in thru the catheter. It still came back a few more times but my Doctor because my bladder was completely scarred did not feel it could take BCG and Mytomicin C again. After 6 TURBTS it has not return and it has been 2 years this month cancer free. Yeah.........My cancer was noninvasive grade 2. I had a wonderful Urologist who saved my bladder. I began this battle at the age of 58. Today I am 65 and cancer free.

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  • So pleased for you but what an eventful struggle you had

  • It is great news for you, your positive spirit along with a dedicated doctor won the day, it is my prayer that you continue to be clear.

  • well done, I had 1 turbt then mytomycin , 3.5 years ago, different type of cancer has come, this time CIS, a flat one, on my treatment with BCG, i'm 68 and very well otherwise . :)

  • Hey so you have done well. I think it has been around 5 years since the mytomycin. It returned 2 more times but my Dr. did not give me anymore BCG or mytomycin C because of my bladder being so scarred and pale. He was real concerned about my losing my bladder. Managed to keep it. He retired last year and I have a new urologist. I like him takes a little getting to know him. He sis not understand why my Dr. And the urology team decided no more BCG treatments. Maybe he did not study my file. Anyway it is all good now. What is a CIS flat one?

  • carsinoma in situ, the first cancer was like seaweed plants, this one is spread along part of the surface, BCG is 80% hopeful under the Dr Lamm protocol, he gives a lesser dose, so less scarring, he is the pioneer of this BCG stuff, you can find on u tube something about it

  • That's a very positive story well done to you and your doctor for persevering. I've also got stage 2 non invasive and have had 4turbts and am having mitomycin chemo - so I'm extra happy to hear of your sucess. Congratulations on 2years cancer free and best wishes.

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