Hi everybody my name is Martin,I am divorced,59 years old and live in Selby.I am on facebook and saw the advert re; Cancer and thought it would be a good opportunity to share experiences and maybe make new friends.I was diagnosed with bladder cancer last August and it was a hammer blow.The last 3/4 years I have had other medical and personal problems so to get hit with the big C took some accepting and for a short while felt very sorry for myself.I have 5 children 3 big ones and 2 little ones,the adults were amazingly supportive and the little ones were a beautiful distraction.Within 2/3 weeks of being diagnosed I was in York District and had the tumour burnt off and a chemo flush after.It was a slow recovery as I was on Warfarin and the bleeding/discharge seemed to last for ever.I have had knee replacements and major surgery but I can honestly say the Cancer op and recovery were so painful partic passing water.On my follow up appointment my bladder was all clear,so for now a huge next follow-up appointment is September.I am open and very honest and if anybody fancies a chat drop me a message.BIG luck to everybody fighting Cancer,the hospital staff were fantastic partic the Macmillan nurses.Take care

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  • Hi Martin, sorry but I had to laugh, you sound like a male version of me, knee replacement, divorced, 5 kids ( except all mine are adults). Bladder cancer, but seriously it's a scary thing when you hear the big C word. I was taken in  hospital with a suspected kidney stone, so it was a massive shock to be told I had cancer. Although it was in my ureta, it's still classed as bladder cancer. They removed my kidney and ureta and said it has all gone, but have to have cystoscopys every 3 months. I hope your recovering well.     Barbs. 

  • Hi Barbs thanks for your reply it's always good to laugh whatever the situation maybe.A female version of me ha that's interesting,glad your Cancer free now.Its such an evil disease and seems to effect so many families and people.When I had my follow-up I was convinced it was going to be bad news and even now it's always at the back of your mind that it will return,partic with bladder cancer.When I was first told I went straight on line and spent 2/3 hours reading all about bladder cancer which was a mistake as it scares you to death.So far I've been lucky as still got my bladder,things could have been so much worse.Its nice to chat with people who know what you've been through and we can relate to each other.The thing that got me the most and still does to a lesser extent was my 9 and 7 year old how would they cope without their dad if worst scenario.I am very family orientated and spend as much time with them all.The little ones didn't/don't know I had cancer was just put down to old medical problems.But not convinced they suspect bless them.Sorry I'm waffling now good to chat with you,feel free to message me again if you want.Take care Martin x

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