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Benefits stress me out again

Hi all, after winning my ESA appeal for the 2nd time I have been waiting to hear. Nothing after 10 days so I rang. I was told because of volumes of appeals there is a 6 to 8 week delay. Oh well can cope with that. I do have to appeal my DLA though, the error of law rule. I have written off and asked for statement of reasons but I dont know what I have to do really. Im on my own without any help for these benefits and I know these decisions are wrong. I will fight all the way, I just dont know how to deal with this system. Its meant to work to help, not make it near impossible, Im so tired with it, im in pain, im ill and i cant cope, but i will do my best. Im off to 3rd PM clinic end of month and I am so ready to tell them how bad things are for me, but will they listen????? I'll let you know. Take care xx

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The appeal process is the same for DLA, whack a GL24 in the same as you did for ESA, they will send you the paperwork once they receive your appeal. It must be done within a month so don't waste time writing to them for statement of reasons etc.


going through the same they say its been passed on to a manager waiting to be approved lol after a year of waitinf for appeal process it seems i have to wait again whats next i wonder


As well as asking for the Statement of Reasons also ask for the Record or Proceedings as this can prove extremely valuable.

Good Luck,

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


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