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Tramadol... what benefits have you had (trying to convince doc to let me try it)

In the process of finding a different doctor because my current one is a real "know it all" and argues with everything i have to say even though i have been living with this condition for 23 years! SO FRUSTRATING! So i have to go in armed with as much information as i can to convince him to let me try anything. Any help or info would be appreciated.

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I take 100SR in the morning and the same before I go to

Bed, I have 50s tramadol for break through pain

I don't find that the 100SR is strong enough I need the

200SR but it does take edge off and with the 50 it works

The problem with them is that they can be addictive I don't

Take the 50 unless I realy need them as these are the ones

That give me the withdrawals for me it is not to bad just the

Sweets. I believe that the 200SR does the same. I don't get

This with 100SR I don't know why this is. I will tell you

The truth I would not cope with out tramadol it enables

Me to have a bit of life and go to work, I wish it would

Take the tiredness away still you can't have it ways.

Doctors don't like giving tramadol as it can be addictive and

It's one of the things that the drug addicts live for I don't know why

As it does not give a high. I know this because I work in a


I know there are other drugs like gabapentin, but if I put

On weight I would then feel depressed,

The down effects with the tramadol is to begin with it makes

Most people feel sick, and you can become addictive but if

You are careful you will be fine, and is it better to have less

Pain I think it is.


I take Gabepentin abd Zapain I take tramadol usually 2 per day it depends on what pain i have.and I have no side affects from Tramadol


can you take tramodil if your on antidipresants


i take codiene and paras they dont touch my pain , i am going to ask gp if i can have tramadol xx


Hi I take 100mg of Tramadol 4xa day Also Pregablin 1503 times a day plus diclofenic 3xa day and I used to think that they didnt do much good until I tried going with out my tramadol and what a difference I was in agony so if I am addicted so what as long as they help the pain I am never going to get any better so I might as well be in as little pain as possible. The only side effect I get is really bad constipation. Hope you find a better GP that is more understanding. Take care xx


My first advice is change your doctor. There is one doctor like that in my surgery and no one can stand him. I always make sure by saying to reception that I don't him to have anything to do with my case.

I have been on Tramadol for maybe over a year and although it doesn't work so well and, let alone after some time, for pain it's like magic for mobility. Without the Tramadol I can't hardly move my neck and I prefer not to knw what else. The pain becomes unbearable. I have tried to give it up thinking that it wasn't doing much and then I realised how good it is. Nothing I tried before Tramadol helped a bit, I remember my life as a much worse nightmare. It's actually recommended to facilitate mobility by the nhs if you have fibro. I didn't know I had when I was first prescribed Tramadol, I had cronic pain in my neck due to a whiplash though.

Change your doctor and make sure you tell your new one why you had concerns with your previous one. It should be fine and you will really appreciate to have a more competent doctor. I say a more competent because none of them is perfect. I use one doc for each of my conditions because I find some are better at some things that at others.



like everyone else has said change your doc is the first step until you find one you are comfortable with and who will listen

secondly i dont recommend taking tramadol as they are awful to come off its like being a drug addict to come off i ended up in hospital i was so ill and had the most horrendous headaches i even begged my mum to kill me as i was in so much pain with the fibro the headaches and being sick i was in bed for 2 months i had been on tramadol for 2years and they made me so ill i know everyone is diff but i would not say to take them long term i was taking them everyday and was on morphine too also amitryptalin and other meds i have now compleatly changed my meds and now take pregabaline and feel much better for it im not like a zombie anymore i have even changed my diet if you can find another way instead of those awful tramadol then try that first there is a reason for docs not wanting to give them out and they are right they only help the pain short term and you end up having to have the dose upped thats when you are addicted and wanting more im not telling you this to scare you everyone is diff just letting you know what i went through esp when comming off them my mum got me off them in the end and i went cold turkey but felt like a drug addict it was so hard but now i am so glad i am not taking them anymore

but all the best with what you do decide to do just be careful pleasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxx


Tramadol did not agree with me....almost as soon as I started taking them I was getting heart palpatations and then was awfull I thought I had serious heart problems, I didnt associate it with the Tramadol at first but as soon as I came off them my heart symptoms settled. I supose different meds suit different people and its a case of finding what suits you, just be aware of possible side effects or addictions. good luck x


I suffer with Fibromyalgia, Facet Joint Arthritis, Osteoarthritis in my Neck, Coccydenia, Scoliosis (curvature of Thoracic section of Spine), Osteoarthritis in neck, Left Trochanteric Bursitis, Fibrocystic Breast, Disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Costochondritius. I am on various pain medications but the side effect I get from Tramadol is chronic constipation, but I would not get through the day without the Tramadol I take 3x50mg per day, I think Tramadol affects different people in different ways, but can you believe that even though I have all the above conditions & am in constant pain and really bad sleep most night's I still cannot get any kind of benefit from the Social Security I failed the Medical assessment so am in the process of appealing against their decision,


hi I was told by my Gp and she is quiet good that tramadol does not help with pure FMS it does of course help with other things that you may have ..when i tryed it it made me sick and also its highly adictive and also a combenation of other pain killers may help more

however the bigger issue is the relationship between you and your doctor if possible if your doctor is not supportive change them ..

hope that helps gentle dyslexic hugs


I control my pain as best I can with tramadol and pregabalin. Have been able to reduce the tramadol since starting pregabalin so addictive or not, it is possible to reduce/come off. I think as long as you take it as prescribed. I did get into trouble with it once - wanting more - but now my body is so used to it I don't feel like that. It doesn't suit everybody but I am a research reading freak and a lot of the research say it is the only opiate that has any effect for fms. Constipation is a problem but I have learned to manage that. Without it I am in agony as I did come off it for a few months.


thanks everyone


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