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I am so stressed out!!!


Idk what to do I'm 18 now and graduated high school yesterday which is great but I'm so stressed and my family doesn't really care about me

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Hi, you're only 18?

I'm so sorry you're so young and have to deal with this condition, it's so stressful at our age when we seem healthy (I am 19, and I've had Fibro since I was 15). I'm sorry you feel as if you're family doesn't care, I can't say much in this area as I don't know enough about your situation. What's the best advice I can give? Well, you've only just graduated so I'm assuming you're entitled to a break? I guess you just have to ask yourself what you really want to do, and see if this is possible. It's about looking in the right places, but there are people around who can help you and make sure special provision is put in place for your Fibro, unfortunately sometimes it can take a while to look, but they are definitely there. If you ever wanna talk, just drop me a message. :) Oh and congrats on graduating. :)

Gentle hugs,

wanderingwallflower xx

Thanks. I have been dealing with depression Sense I was 14 when my dad had his heart attack. I was so stressed out at the time I even tried to kill himself myself eight or nine times. I use the cut and the last time I tryed to kill himself was this last October. I almost died things were just too hard

That's awful, it's not surprising if you've had depression if you experienced something traumatic like that. Things must have been really difficult and you must have been in a very bad place for you to attempt what you did on a number of occasions. You should be doubly proud of getting though high school :) with everything you have had to deal with and you should take a moment of your time to give yourself a pat on the back.

How is your dad now? Sorry if it sounds like I'm prying. I just was thinking things through and wondering what's the best thing to suggest.


He is disabled now. I thought life would get better but it still seems meaningless. I just don't no what to do with my life and I'm extremely stressed. My dad can't take care of himself at at! It's very sad

That is really sad and it must be upsetting for you to see your dad suffering, especially if you remember him when he was healthy, it must have been a real shock for you and I am wondering if perhaps you are still in shock? I am even wondering if perhaps you have a bit of delayed PTSD regarding what happened - I could be wrong. I thought it would be worth bringing up as it could be contributing to the stress and depression that you're experiencing, which could further impact on your Fibro. There's a lot of speculation now that a lot of the symptoms of our condition are due to unresolved trauma, so it might be worth bringing up with your doctor as you might be able to be improve your symptoms significantly. I know it's really easy for me to say but I think one of the things you need to remember and hold on to if that your dad what want you, his daughter, to live a happy and fulfilling life. I know you have to deal with your challenges too but you must have so much to offer and live for - look at getting through high school for instance. xx

Thanks! I do have PTSD from my dad! Life has not been easy and me and my father don't really get a long anymore Bc of what happened,

Hi again :) I hope you can access good treatment for this, as this I think is crucial and will help you in more ways than one. I am sorry you don't get on with your dad. It sounds like you used to get on better so I hope one day you can sort things out. Have you thought about family counselling? xx

Hi Cort

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling at a dead end, and I really wanted to ask you if you have ever spoken to a counsellor? How do you feel about counselling? It may help you find some clarity and sense of identity and purpose if you are free to discuss with somebody how you are feeling, and what your wants and needs are?

Please keep us up to date with how you are getting on?


You can self refer for counselling in some areas. Look it up. It could really help you find some direction in life. Then you wil hopefully feel more emotionally able to manage your fibro. What about a very part time summer job whilst you decide your next step? Keep chatting with us in here. We've all got different experiences and there may be something someone says that could really resonate with you. Take care


Congrats on the graduation! Being 18 isn't always easy with life wide open ahead of you, but try not to worry so much. Everything has a way of falling into place if you let them. It does help to talk with someone, and pray. Do you have hobbies or something that makes you happy? You must be good at something! When was the last time you really laughed? Believe me, I have been through my share of troubles and can relate, but I have found that a good laugh helps a lot. Take care

Hi, congratulations on graduating.It is difficult for family to understand, as it doesn't always look as if you're ill. Yet we have to deal with pain, fatigue, the effects of medication and a whole lot more besides. So what can you do to help yourself? Find a supportive gp, if yours is not very understanding, change to another doctor. Most local hospitals have a pain clinic, they offer advice and things like accupuncture. I have found this very good.We all support each other on this site, so always put your thoughts on here, we will all listen. You will sometimes have to be stubborn (and not take no for an answer) particularly when dealing with waiting for appointments at hospitals. And dealing with benefits offices and filling in the benefit forms!! Please message me any time if you want to talk. Lots of love xxx

Thank u!!! I went for my cna a few months ago and passed! Now I have to take the state test which I'm nervous about. My family treats me like s**t

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Hello Cort, I hope that you are well?

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