Had my first physio today does anyone finds it helps?

So I went and she asked loads of questions then during the exam said does this bring on the pain I tried explaining I'm always in pain but nothing! So left there and feel like I've been hit by a bus went home and slept all day till I had to go to work. I know it was the first one but has anyone found it worked? Xx

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  • Hi Hols,

    I went for 4 sessions, which is how long it took for her to fully assess me. It put me in bed on and off for wks, with pain in my knees mainly. I didn't go back and told my GP why. He suggested swimming, which I haven't done yet, as my balance is not good and getting from changing room with hubby helping is dodgy! Also not swum for 12yrs.

    This is just my experience, as we're all different. Xxx

  • yes it hurts but get through the pain you will see a difference in movement I have .I found that to days cold packs 20 min at a time 5 time a day for two day then heat pack for as long as you need hope this help and keep going

  • Hi Hols15

    I am so sorry to read that your physio did not go too well, I hope it is just early days. I have constantly been told that exercise is important in treating Fibro. The NHS Choices website says 'exercise suited to you', I have pasted the link below and I really hope that you find it useful:


    I also want to wish you the best of luck with your next appointment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hols, I had my first physio appointment last week and she will be starting the assessment process next week with a view to a block of hydrotherapy and possibly other exercises. She did say that she wouldn't be doing anything that increased my pain but your experience seems to suggest otherwise. I will make sure I have my assertive head on when I go.

    I hope your next appointment is less painful and stressful. Linda

  • Yes it does and yes it hurts. On top of what the others say, be guided by your body. It will tell you when to have a break. You're trying to get better, or at least ease what you have. You're not training for a marathon in antarctica. Moderation is the watchword, and do your exercises at home between visits - as much as you can cope with. Gentle hugs

  • Sorry I've been MIA since I wrote this post the physio floored me! The pains been unbearable today and the fatigue is so bad I've spelt the day away (my only day off). I will see how it goes on the 8th and take it from there. Thank you all for your replies it's nice to read how others have found it xx

  • Hi Hols15

    So sorry to hear that it got the better of you, hopefully it will start to get better for you?

    Take care

    Ken x

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