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bladder problems

recently i have found it really hard to keep a hold of myself when needing to pee and have had a couple of accidents, if i dont get to the toilet in time i just wet myself so going out anywhere is a nightmare i dont want to go incase this happens, does anyone think i should mention this to my gp its a bit embarassing but might need to let him know.

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Most Definately it may be something that an be cleared up very quickly ... And GPS are used to hearing embarrassing problems ... I had to go after I accidentally inhaled Sellotape and it set off an irritation in my lung ... It cleared up on its own I coughed the Sellotape out but my GP still likes to mention it...

So please make an appointment to see your GP as its not just embarrassing its causing you problems going out

VG x


I am currently having the opposite issues to you in that I am having water retention. It is awful, I look 8 months pregnant (as bump hasn't dropped) and I am only going to the toilet maximum 3 times a day. I was worse on Duloxetine but probably still having the effects.

The worst part is my mid back hurting and really wanting to pee and getting to the loo and nothing.

My GP has sent off water sample and have had internal, which am being referred for a back wall prolapse. I am being referred for that. I am also having tests by the haematologist.

I don't know which is worse but as VG said, you do need to tell your GP. It could just be an infection.



Yes, do see your GP.

These minor incontinence problems are usually very easy to clear up, but you need to be checked to make sure you have no infection or anything else troublesome.

Please don't be embarrassed, GPs see this sort of thing every day, and a lot of very much more embarrassing things, too - I could tell you a few tales ..... :D

Moffy x


Please don't .... Gags moffy :)


Mmmmph? Mmm-mmmph!


thanks everyone x


do go she and take a urine sample if you can.

I found tena lady pads and pants discreet and can give you a bit of extra confidence.

I have trouble getting to the bathroon in time when my arthritis or fibro is bad.



Painkillers could be the reason. When I went to docs for constipation, doc explained that due to painkillers the muscles inside were permanently relaxed and didnt work to ummm push stuff through. Now I wouldnt be surprised if similar thing happens with bladder. Ie you have no muscle clenching to stop the p just going straight out? Fun huh!!xx


I have read that "irritable bladder" is one of fibromyalgia' s many symptoms -- I often get a sudden desperate urge to go to the toilet for both "number one's and number two's" -- nothing abnormal has been detected -- so just another "joy" of fibromyalgia!!! Perhaps get it checked with your doctor as it may just be an urine infection. Xx


Please don't be embarrassed by this but go see your GP. If it is an infection it can be cleared quickly. If not there are things they can do to help from physio to meds, depending on the cause. I suffered unnecessarily for months once the urine tests came back clear. Did all the pelvic floor exercises etc I found on the web but still had intermittent problems. GP did exam to check wasn't pelvic floor problems and decided it was fibro-related. I now have Tolterodine to take when I need it. Some people have to take it every day but for others, like me, it's an as and when thing. Works like a charm. Still take the belt and braces approach and pad up when I'm going to be in a situation where it might take a while to reach the loo but it's rarely needed and just for my confidence. Please go see your GP sooner rather than later so you can file this particular fibro pleasure as sorted x


I have Interstitial Cystitis, you have a higher risk of developing it if you have fibro. It means that the inside lining of your bladder is defective and the urine burns the inside of your bladder. If it persists definitely get an appointment with a urologist. It is a horrible disease but changing your diet so that the urine is less acid definitely helps to control symptoms, also I use Diazepam to stop the bladder spasms, but without it I also have this horrible leaking and bladder pain and the feeling of wanting to pee 24/7. I am not suggesting that you have IC, but you do need to get your bladder checked out if it persists and no other diagnosis is forthcoming. It is difficult to treat medically but I am just going to start a course with an acupuncturist in Maidenhead who specialises in acupuncture for people with IC, she keep statistics and 81% of people improve after her treatment. There is a helpful website called Interstitial Cystitis Network, its American but better than the UK equivalent called COB and I found it very helpful with advice on management.


Like many on here I also have this problem, at one point it was full blown adult nappies in my late teens and early twenties further complicated by week after week of cystitis during which I dropped to 6 stone 5 pounds. I was finally have been diagnosed with both FM and ME as well as having two slipped disks in my spine and nerve damage in my back. Recently I have been put on duloxetine but taken off it again and put on fesoterodine, but I have only been on it for three days so I don't know if it is working. Go to your doctor. Cystitis in it's many forms, as well as gyno problems in general, are very common among FM patients. I found books my Angela Kilmartin very very useful and taking probiotics and D-Mannose. Good Luck.


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