Balance problems

Hi, I dont write on here much but I read other post with interest and concern. I was diagnosed with fibro. about 12 months ago and things seem to be changing quite fast. I gave up work last summer as I have quite a few issues.

Recently my balance has deteriorated. I wondered if this can be down to the fibro or should I see the gp in case it is something else. I seem to feel like I am drunk but dont drink. I have to hold onto things to gain my balance. Do others have this issue. If I see the gp he may just give me more medication. I dont want this as I have three tablets a dsy anyway. I know there are others who take more but is this the only answer. Thanks

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  • Does the vertigo ease when laying down flat ?

  • I do. But it's because of nerve root compression in my neck. I know just what you mean by feeling drunk. It's such a strange feeling as your head goes all funny, for want of a better way of putting it. Cognitive function leaves the room. Head spins. Tripping over nothing. Bumping into things. Staggering. All in all, horrible! I have to consciously lift my right leg in order to walk. If I don't, it's not a pretty sight.

    I'd have a word with your GP about it next time you have a appointment. There seems to be a correlation between osteoarthritis and Fibro. But it could be something as simple as a mineral or vitamin imbalance. A stick is worth trying. I find it gives me an added sense of security and can help with balance. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon 🐸

  • Thanks for this. It was very helpful. I have thought about a stick, but dont really want to go down that route yet.

  • None of us do! I still can't get used to it. I feel so self conscious when I use it. I have a choice though, I can loose my balance and fall flat on my face or use a stick. One is a lot more embarrassing than the other... 🐸

  • I was taken to hospital with my first vertigo attack and they said that fibromyalga can bring them on I don't want another I can put up with any thing but them I do early loose balance if it's poorly lit or I am in a supermarket where there is a lot of things happening at once

  • Hi there

    As it could be a number of things, I would definitely have a chat with your GP.

    I have terrible problems with balance, or should I say lack of balance.

    My GP has just put it down to Fibro, but I do think it would be worth just having it checked out to be on the safe side.

    Wishing you all the very best

    Lu x

  • I have balance problems along with fibro, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, impinged nerves and other problems that can affect the CNS (central nervous system) along with some medicines that also affect the CNS. Despite these various origins of the problem, I find that exercises for improved balance DO work. You can improve your balance without spending any money, just your time and effort. You can ask your Dr. for some exercises or get them from the internet. I found I could make a significant difference, enough to make the exercises worth the trouble. They aren't hard or demanding, they just take effort. Best of luck to you.

  • Hi Golfer15

    I would say yes to both. Yes it can be part of fibro (it is for me) but it might be something else so I would say you should at least mention it to your GP next time you see them.

    We are often quick to put every symptom we get down to ME, CFS or Fibro but it's not always the case.

    I have also found my balance has got a lot worse of the past year or two and I have given in and started using a stick on the rare occasions when I go out. But I find gripping it hurts the palms of my hands and sends shooting pains up to my elbows and shoulders so I only tend to use it outside or in situations where you can't find anything to grab, like a rail or a wall etc. Inside I prefer to just wall and furniture surf for balance.

    For me it's partly because I am getting terrible dizzy spells and partly because the soles of my feet feel really sore and bruised when I walk on them or put pressure on them so I don't really have a choice. I'm even going to be assessed soon for a wheelchair (amongst other things) and frankly if it helps me get around and out and about a bit more, bring it on I say!!

    Hope you can find something to work for you.

    Gentle hugs, Margaret.xx :)

  • I have terrible balance problems. I also have problems with holding things, if I drop something more than twice, I leave it where it is. I use crutches and walking aids to keep my balance ( not always helpful. )

  • I have balance problems, I walk with 2 crutches much to my dismay, I always said I would never give in but needs must I am afraid. I too have problems now with pain in my hands and elbows from using walking aids. I had pain before but it is worse now. Which is the lesser of the two evils, staying in or using any aids possible to go out? I am thinking soon I might have to try a trolly instead of the sticks, then I will be able to sit on it for a rest both from standing and to rest my arms. I dread the day I have to use a chair but if I need to I will. My daughter suggested a scooter, I don't think I would be safe on one of those as I would probably fall asleep or loose concentration and I would defiantly be a candidate for scooter rage.

  • I defo have some problems with balance but they are mild as compared to friends who have commented above...occasionally I feel dizzy when am sitting down..just comes suddenly..once I fell of the chair...and often I have to concentrate when walking up or down stairs..I do hope that you can resolve your balance issue...all the best x

  • Hi I have balance problems too. Especially if stepping backwards I feel like I can't stop, usually it is only a few steps but feels more. I have a stick all the time now, I find it useful for propping my bum against the wall and leaning on it to rest as well as walking.

  • Hi Golfer15

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing balance issues, and although it can be a part of Fibro, if a symptom is new, persistent or getting worse it is always best to discuss it with your GP just to rule out other medical conditions. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Golfer I always say if in doubt check it out. Have a word with your Doctor. If nothing else it will help put your mind at ease. Good luck I hope you find some relief soon.


  • Yes, I do feel unbalanced and clumsy, moreso when I'm tired. I also have severe tinnitus and I do wonder if this has an effect on my balance. As with a lot of things, I just try to make the best of it........

  • Low levels of B12 are known to cause balance problems.

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