Holiday - heaven or hell?

So i'm due to go on holiday to portugal at the start of may, a holiday with the girls I booked last yr when my fibro was at a manageable level. Fast forward 6 months and my fibro is playing up bigtime. I came down with flu around xmas which totally wiped me leaving me exhausted for weeks, this was further compounded by a flare up at easter, the severe winter weather and general life stresses. Now im dreading what should be a fun trip away with a gr8 bunch of girls, im afraid that my aches pains and heightened anxiety will cast a shadow on the holiday. I so dont want to be a Debbie Downer and am hoping that with pacing techniques I will get a grip on my fibro get it to a manageable level and be able to go on holiday and enjoy the weather, the food, the change in pace and stimulation and the girly craic. Fingers crossed :-)

Dixie x

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  • I''m sure the holiday will do you good! Think positive and I'm sure your friends will help you if you have a bad day.

    I always feel better after a flight, something to do with the air pressure? I don't know, but it's welcome.

    Enjoy your time away, and let us know what a good time you had! :)

    Moffy x

  • I too think the holiday will do you good. Just give yourself a quiet day when you first get there as travelling always takes it out of you. I love Portugal, we were there in January for 2 weeks and are off again in June. Have a great time x

  • Hi moffy & wednesday im keeping my fingers crossed that the saying - a change is as good as a rest - will apply. Its amazing how something as simple as a holiday away takes that much more thought planning and prep for someone with fibro i'l be that bloody frazzeked and hyped up by going on holiday that i'l need a holiday to recover lol. Guess i'm just a bit over anxious hopefully I will settle down and just take it as its comes. So moffy positive it is :-) and wednesday enjoy your holiday in June; something to look forward too as we all patiently wait for the better weather to arrive around the uk :-)

    Dixie x

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