Doctor hell

Doctor hell

Hi Connie here just let u know how crap docs are I'm on morphine and get pharmist to pick it up I never ever get it on time always go two to three days with out med because I run out so ordered it early last week o. Wed phoned docs Friday see if it was ready they said yes went to chemist sat they didn't pick up. Phones today Monday and nothing done I'm fed up no-one knows what pain im in from this fibro but yet they mes with meds now I need to phone back in afternoon today god knows wats going to happen still they are not in pain so they don't care hope everyone keeping chin up love Connie x

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  • Hugs.

  • Are you stuck with just one pharmacy or is there another one you can go to? I am forever running out of something and my pharmacist lends me some. But morphine might be different. Hope you get some todayx

  • gentle hugs to you ...Dee xx

  • pharmacists can be a nightmare, the times they have lost my prescriptions or they have not been passed on from the surgery. I would not mind; but the chemist is part of the surgery!!. Lack of communication. Do hope you get it sorted.

    Hugs x

  • Hi Again Connie here just to let u know did not get meds sorted I have to beg for sum I got 3 days worth to last me till I can see a doctor in 8 days time all this because the doc i deal with is on annual leave every time this happens just because sumone somewhere can not read my notes and to top it I can't get appointment at my surgery until 9 July I sit And cry with dis belief because I know I'm in for worse sleepless notes and days of extreme pain I'm really fed up I am no wonder I'm suicidal I am I wonder why ty friends I here anyway hugs to each and every one xxxx

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