We've moved to New Premises!

We've moved to New Premises!

G'morning all!

As you may have noticed, we are increasing our volunteer team, and after much pleading with HQ, we have been allocated a slightly larger volunteer hut.

The old one was very small, and VG was hogging the only comfy chair, but now we have quite a nice 'bijou' residence with better seating arrangements - in fact,,as you can see, it's quite grand! :)

Please come and join us for an inaugural bash, and a dip in the pool out the back.

We also need staff to look after us - butlers, maids, cooks and the like, so please feel free to apply for a cushy job at Volunteer Mansion! RSVP

Moffy x

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  • Rushes up the path and enters excitedly...... Ohhhh the exterior is a fake.... It's just ... A bigger room ... In fact ... Sniffs .... Smells like FA,s old locker room ... Looks in the corner and sees a pair of old sweaty socks with MDaisy embroidered on them....

    Ohh at least we have an umbrella..... Oops sorry San ... Thought you were a large umbrella hanging there.... Hang on where is moffy ...... Is there another door into this mansion... A real one ... Where moffy is living in comfort...... Goes off to hunt for the real front door and moffy.....

  • Awhhh! I thought I was going to be able to live in peace on my own!

    OK - you can come in. I suppose you'll want to take over the swimming pool, VG?

    And chuck those socks in the bin - at once! :O

    Moffy x

  • A bin we have a bin.... Wow .. Goes off to find the bin ... Hey this is BIGGGGG I may be some time ...... :o

  • Is it a really warm swimming pool, like a bath. If so, can I be a volunteer too.

  • Rofl we are volunteers... It's actually a pond and not very clean at that.... Looks enviously at fibroactions place.....

    VG x

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