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I have co-founded a new disability charity!!

I have co-founded a new disability charity!!

As stated in my profile, I volunteer at a disability organisation, but unfortunately they have not been run properly and are about to go under. Because of this, myself and another guy opted to start a new charity that would pick up the ball and run with it after the other organisation drops it. I'm glad to say that it is all going well! We received the registration documents on Monday, the bank account should be open this week, then we can pull in some funding and get going!! If you live in the Warwickshire area and need information, advice and support for anything (we cater for all disabilities too), then look out for the "Disability Information Zone"! I have only just bought the domain, so the site has to go under construction, so please don't try and log on just yet!! We have already tied in with the City Council and Law Centre, so things are looking up. We also have aspirations of other big projects, but they will have to wait for now! :)

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I would like to say Brilliant & hope that it really picks up and hits off the ground and you can be a success!

What services are you offering to be more exact?

I do not live in Warwickshire area but my very dear friends do and i have customers that have moved there in the past year!

A lovely place quit a small community i would say, as where my friend lives is surrounded by cows in feilds hahaah .

I like your 'Dizability' :-) x

love Fairy Maid who is a cleaning Business run by my self and i have my domain and I set up my own website too all my own hard work along side the physical and office too.

Unfortunately since May 2010 where this all started it had to pretty much halt and just cover the work that was already being done.

I have had to employ staff since then, which not sure if you understand the income i had just gave me a comfortable income, but now i have to pay out, but on the positive side of things

i could of closed down and thrown the towel in, but i had to think as i thought to myself i would recover , but i havent and it is so difficult.

I want it to keep going and i have to provide the staff with work so need the customers!!

My customers have been very supportive and do not want to lose me even if i only sit and chat whislt the girls do the work!

I have always helped my elderly too 'voluntarily' by littel things that are not on my list and took shopping etc,

they also want some one they know if things become less able for them ie the personal care, which i would love to support but some things just cannot be done for 'free' as girls want a wage..

so if you decided to expand i am from LEEDS West Yorkshire and i would be more than willing to recommend you on my site and on my Fb too .

As they say 'word of mouth ' and recomenddations go a long way .

again i really hope you do well as it takes a lot to set up and dedication to do business.

Caroline xxxxx


Wow Caroline, very kind words, thank you! We aim to offer information, support and advice whether it be on the phone or in person at a drop in meeting we will be setting up. We also will be starting a group where people of any disability can get together to socialise, but we will also be putting on guest speakers chosen by the group to explain anything from bus services, to direct payments etc. We also are going to get training on advocacy so that we can train further advocates to help people going through appeals following work capability assessments etc. and we hope that we will be able to do home visits for those unable to make it to the drop in. There are many other aspirations as I have said, so watch this space!! :)


I have to say this sounds great!

As many of us struggle with support on Applications (even me) i had to employ staff as i no longer fit enough so i am losing money,

We were advised that we could get Disabilty or ESA but the forms go on forever and ever lol.

got a Blue badge Assesment on 5 th November.

I have to support everyone in saying that even 'i' who did my BTec in accountancy Hence why i can do what i am doing is now struggling so my hubby has to do it as it is too much for me to get my head round a lot and the writing too (painful)

this is just example really i guess because i do not work for an Employer as i am one and most claims are aimed at those who work for employers and getting help so it would be great to see some dedicated support to the likes of myself who runs it and not judged as i am fit ! it is so very not the case .

This is sounds a little like a CAB (Citizens advice Bureau) but just dedicated to Disability whereas CAB is for allllll sorts of help.

I think it will do well and i hope you do.

And to run as a 'Charity' how you going to make a living or is it done in time out of working hours.

Also i think that anyone who sufferes from these disabilitys who is one of your helpers running it will fully understand the Impact it has on peoples lifes so also you may be able to be back up in understanding and dealing with Claims?

NOt sure i put all this rite as my head is so heavy at the moment and extremely fatigued.


Well done. What are the aims of your charity?

Julie xx


Our ultimate aim is Empowerment. We will offer information, support and advice for a start plus self advocacy training to give people a voice. We will also be teaming up with the City Council and Law Centre and will be training volunteers to be qualified advocates who can then train further advocates and so on. I feel very passionate about providing an advocacy service that can also go to the homes of those unable to come to us. We are in coversation with Independent Advocacy who are currently overrun with cases and really need the help. I hope to have dedicated teams of advocates ready for the start of these welfare reforms in April. We will also be starting weekly group meetings throughout Warwickshire that give disabled people a chance to socialise but also use it as a forum to voice problems and solutions to other members. We will also have guest speakers on subjects the group wants, whether it be busses or direct payments or cooking - whatever they want. We will organise day trips or if they want, a trip to the bingo... :)


Sparky Mark I take my hat of to you well done sounds brilliant if at some time I can assist with spreading the word further North please give me a shout, Empowerment self reliance being able to take on the world head odd brilliant but no Bingo please! gins


We would only entertain the bingo if the members wanted it! Lol! :) We don't envisage being outside of Warwickshire, but you never know! Thanks for the kind words. :-D


sounds brilliant if you can help people that's great. good luck x


Many thanks! :)


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