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Is dry mouth a symptom


I am finding that no matter how much I drink I am still very dry. Does anyone else find this is it a symptom of fibro Thanks

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It's quite common, but this is likely to be partly because many medications prescribed for Fibro cause dry mouth.

It can also be associated with another condition called Sjogrens Syndrome, which might be masked by or mis-diagnosed as Fibro, so it is important to bring this up with your doctor.

i am newly diagnosed and was prescribed Tramadol but they didnt agree with me so am now taking Co-Codamol 30/500. I have mentioned the dry mouth to my dr numerous times over the past few years and she does diabetes blood tests which come back fine and then no further action is taken. I can drink a pint of sparkling water in one go and still feel as though my mouth is very dry. Thankyou

depends on what meds u take ? check leaflet with drugs

or are u lying on your back ?cos when we sleep on our backs we snore and/or open our mouths

Hi isnt just when I am or have been asleep it is all the time. I have sinus problems so do have the snoring dry mouth thing but this is different (if that makes sense) Thanks

Me too very exasperating. As ppl know, I can only drink lucozade, sorry moffy the sparkling water stopped working! Waiting to see doc as couldnt get apt for 4weeks! Mine is due to meds I am hoping to get the artificial spit stuff. But defo see dr xx

grandmakim in reply to snowbell

Omg 4 weeks for an appt !!!! So you have to know 4 weeks in advance if u are going to be ill. Hope you get sorted soon

I too suffer with a dry mouth, which my GP thinks is caused by medications. He gave me glandosane, which is rather like synthetic saliva, it is however not great for your teeth, my dentist suggested chewing gum, which although not entirely attractive, does at least help for me and it encourages production of saliva and saliva helps keep teeth more healthy as it reduces production of plague.

I hope that makes sense, it helps me, Foggy x

Whoops meant to say sugar free chewing gum of course ;-)

Foggy x

If you're not taking meds that cause it get your sugar levels checked. It can be a sign of diabetes.


I constantly have a dry mouth and throat which results in me being unable to swallow , i keep a glass of cold water in the fridge at all times, i've been told that this is a symptom of my fibro but also a side effect of my medication

Hi , Boots do a dry mouth mouthwash in their Expert dental range ,also a dry mouth spray .I had tests done for sjogrens but the consultant thinks that it is mostly medications . I have a lot of trouble when eating as it feels like food gets stuck and then I get hiccups lol . He recommended having a bottle of water to hand at all times and sugar free gum helps too . In fact when I had a blocked saliva gland the treatment was chewing gum and it did the trick.

I have sjogrens & recently happened upon a mouthwash "biotene" - for dry mouth as my teeth are suffering big time. It has really helped in my case.xx

I also suffer with dry mouth especially during the night, it wakes me up as my tongue is totally dried out and i need to drink lots of water, its an awful feeling. I was told it was caused by the amitriptylene which i take before bed.

Hi, I get a dry mouth , it's nothing to do with Meds I got it before any meds and still do. I found it a symptom connected to my constipation and stomach problems . I actually get tremors too. Nothing relieves it I drink lots of water in sips . I can go through a lot when it is playing up.. I pee a lot because of all water I sip. It passes over for me in time ,, x

One of my first symptoms of Fibro was a dry mouth. Amitriptyline made it much worse, and since coming off the Ami it's still a problem, but not as bad. I also sip water rather than taking bigger gulps. I have also got eye drops for the day and eye gel for nights, as the dryness affects my eyes as well. Chewing gum definitely has helped too although I can't chew for long as it really hurts my jaw.

often when waking with a dry mouth and rather 'rasped' tongue its a sign that you are sleeping with your mouth open… not thats its easy to train yourself to stop, but a bottle of water by the bed does help. even if you just wake to take a sip every so often may help.

I suggest a bottle as if you are accident prone like me, water will be everywhere!! I have to be careful as i have a plus board just under my bed keeping me breathing as i sleep!

I have had to train myself to sleep with a closed mouth as I have to use CPAP therapy and its a waste of time having air blown up my nose to keep my airways open as i sleep if its going to just escape through my mouth. I also have a humidifier attached to the machine witch is supposed to moisten the air its drawing in to help stop my mouth drying out…but due to the meds i have a dry mouth during the day too, i just find little sips of water to refresh my mouth, or keep brushing my teeth often helps too. I haven't tried any mouth washes, but do know you can get artificial saliva, but as I'm at home most of the time i felt water would be better than putting something artificial in my mouth… its bad enough all the drugs have so many 'other' chemicals in them!! The sips of water are more for refreshing the mouth rather than needing a drink.

I too suffer with dry eyes, artificial tears for those otherwise i get acute pains in my eyes. I wonder where we could go for whole body transplants!! lol xx

For those of you with dry mouth (and especially with dry eyes as well!) that has not been explained by medication or another condition, do ask your doctor to get you tested for Sjogrens Syndrome!

A optometrist should be able to help check your tear function fwiw.

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