Help Dry Mouth, need to stop sucking sweets!

Can any one suggest anything other than sweets to combat a dry mouth, I take amytripeline and know it is a side effect Doc took me off it for a month whilst trying new meds, but I couldn't sleep I also now have Gaberthin along with Paracetamol and Tramadol but the dry mouth is driving me mad, plus the constant sucking on sweets is making my tongue sore.



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  • Hi.

    Pineapple. My partner swears by it and it was recommended by his GP, I've tried it when I started getting a dry mouth from Amitriptyline too and it really works. We freeze chunks of fresh pineapple (chop a fresh pineapple into bite-size chunks) and suck them when we need to, but you can just eat it or drink it and you get the same results. Try it, it really helped us :) x

  • Wow I have to say a big thank you for this tip. Have had dry mouth (and eyes) for ages but it's got worse since starting on amitriptyline despite constantly drinking water. Saw some pineapple chunks reduced in supermarket today so thought I'd give it a go. What a result! It didn't just work while eating it but improved things for ages afterwards. Have frozen the rest as you suggest. Lovely to find a natural remedy x

  • Hi there,I too suffer from a dry mouth & my Dr prescribes sweets called SALIVAX,NATURAL salivary can only get them from DRS.they come in 50 malice acid 7.6mg .you only need 1 every couple of hrs as they make saliva naturally in your mouth & they are very soft.I think they are brilliant.defo worth a try xx good luck xxx

  • Sorry MALIC ACID xxx

  • Hi

    I like the idea of pineapple but my Dr. said tot try lemon and do the same with it, it does work but makes your face cave in sometimes,

    The idea is to get a couple of drops on the tongue and this definitely helps.

    Take care and kindest regards


  • Thanks all, I am now off to some pineapple, Will the processed work just as well as fresh.


  • Pineapple is very good, and sometimes giving your mouth a good rinse with warm, salty water will help a lot, too (1 teasp. to a glass of tepid water).

    It doesn't taste that great, but is very freshening, and moistening. You can also try a drop of glycerine on your tongue for a long lasting, soothing effect.

    Moffy x

  • That sounds good, Moffy, especially with salt as an antiseptic too :-)

    A xXx

  • Thank you all

    All tips noted, will post which is the best (for Me)

    Just put some pineapple chunks in the freezer, and saved some fresh in a nibble tub.

    Regards Gail

  • I have been taking amitrip and gabapentin for around 10 yrs now and find the best thing is just always keep a small bottle of water handy wherever i go.

    you can get artificial saliva, not sure if its the same as in the post near the top as i haven't tried it, but i suffer with extremely dry eyes too, most prob caused by the meds, i do use artificial tears for that, its just saline drops. i do get them on prescription only because i have a prepayment card other wise its cheaper to buy direct from the chemist.

  • Hi i have the same problem as im also on amitryptilene, my doctor has prescribed artificial saliva spray, just have a quick spray whenever you need, its quite good and mine has a slight lemon taste to it, i keep one next to the bed as well because i wake up a lot with a dry mouth, hope this helps, also ask your doctor about sjogrens ( might be spelled differently) syndrome, that can cause dry eyes and mouth, regards, Amanda x

  • I get he dry mouth and also have catarrh, I either wake feeling as though I'd been sucking a sponge or drinking Evostik. I now keep a water bottle with diluted lime cordial to rinse my mouth out when I wake; seems to work.

  • Thanks again all

    I too have for the last 3 years had a bottle of water by the bed, never thought to put anything citrussy in, Silly woman....should have thought opal fruits. with give it a go along with the frozen pineapple. Will ask doc about the spray next appointment.

    I have found since changing meds to Gabapentin, I often wake up with a headache this morning was full blown migraine, hope it isn't the medication.

  • Hi Gailmarie57, I am on gabapentin too and always suffer with headaches but then again have always done and found it is attributed to my neck. Whenever I have a headache my neck is sore. If I go to sleep with one I will wake up with one and it tends to be worse and by midday it's at migraine level and have to go and sleep. It helped me to actually start thinking about what I had eaten, what was sore etc to try and narrow it down. Nothing helps to take it away for me as I can only take paracetamol as I am allergic to any other pain killer and others have damaged my tummy lining. Hope you get some relief, oh and read the side effects of gabapentin which are horrific but headaches is one. You will probably find it might be one on other meds too.

  • Why is that the cure is often the cause?

    The medical profession is a funny thing, I went deaf at 5 for example, due to measles infection, it has come to light over the years that the medication that was given late 1950s early 60s had the side effect of causing deafness, which is also one of the main things that can happen with measles anyway, so really I had a double dose of deafness inducing virus and narcotic, only to find that this illness some medication causes the symptoms we are suffering also.

    The mind boggles

  • Hi there, both my GP and my dentist have suggested chewing sugar free gum, it isn't the most attractive of things, but it has most certainly helped my extremely dry mouth, I tried a spray called "glandosane". Which helped short term, but apparently according to my dentist is dreadful for your teeth, so I stopped it. Apparently by increasing the saliva in your mouth through chewing gum also helps the formation of plague..........full of useless information as ever ;-) Foggy x

  • Duuhhhh - I meant to say, helps the reduction of plague !! What a numpty I truly am

    No change there then!! Foggy x

  • Well the teeth issue won't be a problem have only got 9 teeth left and have partial dentures, bad jaw formation caused me to lose them early...mind you. I have kept them far longer than the 21 years of age the dentist predicted.

    Thanks for the tip but I don't like gum and can't chew it anyway because of the partial dentures.


  • I eat satsumas, they seem to help as very juicy. It's a horrible side effect. I hope you find something that works for you.

  • My gp suggested eating plums to havent tried it tho as not to keen on them . I tend to stick to oranges and grapes . Well once I stopped the sweets (chewy type) x

  • On it drove me crazy I've come off tramadol and amatriptaline on pregablin much better for nerve pain in can now after 16 yes sleep all night with no back of leg pain no dry mouth no more fuzzy brain!

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