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Extremely WORRIED :(


Please can someone help me out here? Since Saturday I have had a feeling as if something is stuck between my throat and stomach, it feels like I`ve swallowed a sweet and its got stuck. Also I cant eat anything big as I feel full and bloated all the time, pressure is pushing up in my stomach making it feel full! Have a Doctors appointment this afternoon so dreading it as I fear the worse. Never had anything like this in 10years of having Fibro :(

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I get that quite a lot I get the feeling like I have to push in the top of my stomach with my hand I thought that it might be a nervouse tick sort of thing but also what has been going through my head I had an endoscopy a Cpl of years ago and I was told I had a hernia at the opening to my stomache and I wonder if its that I think you should defitnatly get it checked out by gp,i hope all is well x

Hi Sadoldred,

It's a good thing you're seeing the doc to rule out anything serious, but you might just have reflux. It's pretty common and fairly easily treated.

Let's hope for the best, anyway - let us know how you get on!

Love from Moffy x

Thanks ladymoth and munchkin62. The thing is I dont get any acid or anythin like that, only the discomfort and the feeling that I have a sweet stuck xx I will let you all know how I get on at 4pm. Ann

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