Been in bed all day. Woke up with a horrible sensation in my ears, they feel like they need to burst, such a pressure in them and every little noise is like torture, its like they need to pop but wont. I have very poor balance anyway and am always dizzy this is just making it worse. Havent slept for two nights now as I cant seem to shut my mind off and legs are so uncomfortable. I feel like i could so easily go mad with all this .

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  • Sounds like an inner ear infection. Go to doctors straight away as it can cause permanent damage to the inner ear if left untreated, then that seasickness feeling can be left all the time

  • It could well be an ear infection, but i have bad ears, they are so sensitive and it feels like i have cottonwool stuffed in them all the time. Some days i cant take any noise.

    My partner whistles and it really hurts my ears, but he doesnt get it so i tell him i have a bad head.

    I have heard that gabapentin can make your ears worse are you on them?

    hope you get it sorted soon, hugs, kel xxxx

  • I dont think its ear infection but like you my ears are so sensitive just not been as bad as this before. No not on gabapentin but im glad you said it can make your ears worse, ill steer clear of that, thanks kel xxxxx

  • Do go to your GP and get this checked out. With the loss of balance you have it could be Menieres starting up. Always best to find out the cause and deal with it with the best tools we are given. Best of luck.

  • please have it checked you are not wasting the gps time go now now. i left it foe ages and i had neuro damage poss have ms .... go now please trembly worried butterfly hugs petal.

  • My mind won't shut off to sleep either try mindfulness but doesn't sem to work. A lot of panic. Yelrihs

  • I feel the same. I think a lot of it is the medicine for me. Yelrihs

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