Can anyone relate to the symptoms I'm having .couldnt sit on sofa yesterday because of burning throbbing jumping pain in shoulders back . Today it's in my pelvis area with siatica type pain but seems tender across stomach an if I pinch my skin gently on legs it's very painful as if deep invisible bruising . I'm also very pale / yellow tinged today ... Not a good look 😟 I am still waiting to see a rheumatologist.. God knows when I also have autoimmune thyroid . Any advice would be appreciated as I'm worried don't know what to think anymore I'm getting very down

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  • The yellow tinge to your skin sounds alarm bells, get an emergency appointment with your GP, this is not normal, I don't mean to alarm you but please do see your GP. XX

  • Thank you u will x

  • Hi there Snooze,

    I agree with dear Lou, you need to get some medical advice really soon, the yellowish pallor you mention is a worrying symptom and I really would urge you to get medical advice very soon.


    Outs of positive healing vibes your way 😊😊

    Foggy x

  • The yellow tint almost always indicates jaundice, which means your liver is not able to do it's job properly. If there are any medicines or supplements like vitamins that you take that you can possibly hold off on, please do. No alcohol, also. These things make your liver work hard to process them and right now your liver is overworked, IF you truly are jaundiced. There are multiple reasons for your jaundice; you can do a search on that. One common one is too much OTC pain relievers, even if you stayed within recommended dosages. Another is hepatitis B, very contagious. Please see a Dr. asap to find out the reason for your jaundice as there are many, many causes.

    It's not a good idea to wait for a Rheumy Dr. for this jaundice if you still have it in the morning. Jaundice tends to be a rich orange/yellow/brown but can start out just yellow. Notice if the lights you are under have a yellow tint. You need white lighting to see if you have jaundice. Your stomach pain may be due to liver pain: your liver is on the right side just under your rib cage.

    Your shoulder and back pain sounds similar to fibro pain. Very similar. I don't know what to think of your skin and pain on your legs except that you may have pressure on your sciatic nerve causing you pain that goes down your leg. A pain management Dr. or capable Rheumy can give you Steroidal injections to ease that pain. Take care.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are struggling and suffering so badly and I agree totally with your other respondents and please go to see your doctor as soon as possible as it does sound like Jaundice? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Agree with others, you must see your GP yellow tinge is not good, very poss liver function. I wish you well soon.

  • Totally agree with others that jaundice is most likely seperate liver issue to see Dr about. Unfortunately the norm to get a diagnosis of fibro normally takes three to four years where you can be made to feel a malingerer, drug seeker and general faker which is great when your full of pain, not sleeping well and often depressed. Who wouldn't be?

    Best of luck keep going


  • Thank you so much for al replys just out if dics thinks I could have fibro but has diagnosed slipped disc nerve impincment going home now elec blanket for me 😊

  • Thank you to you lovely people I walked the floor all night . My doctor has put me on tramadol I've never had these before . Hope an pray I get some relief to carry on as each day has became a real chore . I think il go private to see a rheumy but il have to wait to save few more pennies as I've been paying a fortune to attend a private endro I'm sure your all aware the sea benefit disent go very far . Thanks again you made me get to doctor first thing 🌸😄🌸

  • Hi Snooze

    As the others say I would definitely get your bloods tested. They are right to say that a yellow tinge to your skin can mean problems with your liver. But it isn't always the case.

    I have ME and fibromyalgia and over the years have had my bloods tested regularly. I have had a yellow tinge to my skin for some time and when my bloods were first tested I was showing higher than normal levels of ALT which is an indicator of liver problems. But my GP said it is not uncommon in people with ME. In fact she said although there is no definitive test for ME there are certain markers that they look for. One of which is ALT levels and another is viscosity which is an indicator of inflammation. Neither of these markers in themselves tell you what your condition is but are indicators of certain possible conditions. Both are common in ME.

    And no I've never drunk enough for it to cause problems with my liver. After a while those levels disappeared and have not reappeared yet I still have that yellow tinge to my skin, especially first thing in the morning. But my GP says my liver is working fine. I think I'm just blessed with naturally yellow skin and teeth :O

    Yes definitely get it checked asap just in case but don't worry until you know the result. It isn't necessarily an issue but it is important to find out sooner rather than later just in case.


  • Thanks Margaret I've had my bloods done regular because if autoimune tyroid they always say my bloods r fine I've slightly high cholesterol an my tyroid is a shambles never right . I have been tested for addisons polymalgia all came back low esr . I went straight to my doc yesterday as I'd been walking the floor al night with pain . She examined me especially my stomach area an is convinced I have slipped disc put me on tramadol . Not liking them so far put pain had eased slightly she also said it looks very like fibro because I was very sensitive al over etc . Thanks for your reply 🌸

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