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Esa medical help ?

Hi, I'm new on here. I have many health problems, osteoarthritis,osteoporosis of hip and spine, pituitary tumour, fibromyalgia, depression,. Tinnitus,stomach ulcer, and bladder and bowel problems, they took my incapacity benefit off me last year. I appealed and I lost, but because it has been six months since my last medical and my symptoms have worsened I have to go for another medical, I am dreading it, it I can't stop crying, feel like I'm having a breakdown, I would appriciate advice on how to pass the medical without been made to feel like hyprocondriac, a liar,and a benefit cheat, :( thanx

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I would advise you to go to see your doctor and explain how all this is affecting you. Also perhaps your doctor would be willing to give you a supportive letter explain your conditions and how they affect you?

I know if your doctor states their reasons for stating you are not fit for work it carries some weight. You can get template letters from Black Triangle to take to your doctor. Sorry I don't have the URL, but I am sure someone else on here could point you in the right direction.

If possible take someone with you when you go for the Medical

Best of luck

Em x


Thank you, madaljusted, I apriciate your advice,I have made a appointment with my doctor for tomorrow morning, thank you...)


Letters from the various Consultants that have diagnosed your conditions would be a start and would have thought should have helped with your initial claim. have you not given them any documentary evidence. sorry you haven't said in your post.

From my own experience i have found that through dealing with Atos and Capital that consultants letters usually hold more weight than GP letters alone. Your GP should have been sent a letter from every consultant you have seen for your other conditions and should be able to let you have copies, when i go to the hospital, i make sure they send me the copy of the letter that gets sent to my GP so i keep my own file now xx


The best thing you can do is get together everything you can to take with you, like all the info people have said above, plus things like your repeat prescription sheet that lists all of your medications. I also took a few days before to write a statement of my own about how it effects my daily life, that way I could list everything including poor memory!!!

All this information being available at the Work Capability Assessment (ATOS medical) will help you to tell the assessor how bad you are, but bear the following in mind:

They will assess how well you walk from the waiting room to the office.

They will assess how you sit down and remain sitting for the duration of the assessment.

They will assess if you and how well you handle a hand bag (if you carry one)

They are assessing things the whole time including how well you are dressed and how well your hair and makeup is done.

During the assessment they may start questions with statements like "On a good day can you...." You must be careful answering these with positive remarks but should reply with something like "What is a good day?" as we all know our good days are few and far between.

They may ask you to stand, raise a leg, raise your arms, tip your head back and forth etc. but if it is too painful make sure you tell them and don't over exert yourself.

I hope this eases your stress a little, but if you want any further information, please message me and I will be happy to help. :)


defo take someone with you and be very careful and have ur wits about u they r very sneeky and because i took a packet of tablets out my bag the nurse said i could sit and put messages through a till cheeky bitch, She also said i had sat in a chair for 30 mins but she forgot to mention that i sat for 45 mins in the waiting room before my assessment and had a slipped disc at the time and had to adjust my position more than a few times so if u have to say get up because ur in pain do so and make sure the person takes note play them at there own game, I was found fit for work and cried for a week but u just have to find the strength and fight back , got a tribunal next month and i would love for that damn nurse to be there and explain why she lied


Bless you, thank you so very much to each and every one of you for replying, I found your suggestions and advice very useful, I apologise for not replying sooner, but I`m having a flare up, OOOOOOOH I wonder why that is, :( xx


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