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Neck muscle spasm, absolutely unbearable!!!!

I got a virus that continues keeping in bed. It made me vomit and it seems, according to my doctor, I got a muscle spasm while vomiting and it hurts so bad!!!!!!

I've got it now for three days and is not improving, I can't move my neck and even if I don't move it it's unbearable. I already take baclofen as a muscle relaxant for my restless leg syndrome and tramadol & paracetamol for my fybro pain but this is really annoying - I can't lie my head over the pillow - I am in continuous pain and doesn't seem to be improving.

I read someone with fibro got them often and that they got worse. Does anyone know what to do about it? I'm not sure for how long I can cope with it or what to do about it. The doc said that it will go away for itself but when???

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Yes I have them all the time ... They got so bad I was confined to bed 3 days out of every 7 with headache, vomiting ..for nearly 4 years before my GP sorted me out..... I take 75mg dosulepin and 0.5 mg clonezapam night ... Then every 3 months I go to the local pain clinic and they inject me in my shoulders and neck where the muscles are in spasm ...and relief...... for another 3 months until I go again.... If I have to go longer than the three months .. Like now ... Both pain clinc drs are off sick... They flare up again... I am in extreme pain now and am taking diazepam 3 times a day to try to relax them into their normal state of spasm.. That's why it's been so lovely and quiet on the board at the moment as it hurts to type... It hurts to do everything ....

So after all my moaning .. See your GP and see if he will refer you to the trigger point injection part of your nearest pain clinic... It works wonders if you can get them regularly

Hope this helps

VG x


I also get this problem but now I have a regular monthly appt with an osteopath who works wonders at getting rid of the spasms, by gently applying traction to my neck just by placing her hands under my head and neck while I lie on the couch. She also rolls my head from side to side (very hard to relax and let her do the work for you) and by putting gentle squeezing pressure on the trigger points on the top of the shoulder at the side of the neck and also a little further down. There is no "bone crunching" involved - it is all very gentle. I come out with my head and neck feeling several lbs lighter (unfortunately my pocket is also several £££s lighter :) ). It helps to try to do neck exercises- which you could get from a physiotherapist - as well, as it helps to keep the muscles of your neck and shoulders from getting too tight. I certainly dont get those awful sick migraine-like headaches the way I used to before I started with this form of treatment. It still get them sometimes, but painkillers usually will work for it now.

It may be worth a try to see an osteopath. (make sure he/she is well qualified though. A good one will tell you if they can help and will not do unnecessary treatment) I hope it gets better soon anyway.


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