Neck pain

I woke up Saturday with a sore neck nothing too unusual there. But as the day wore on it gradually got worse.. Unable to sleep with it Saturday...Sunday couldn't move my head at all...pain had radiated all round the neck, up behind my ears in my eats and up the back of my head.Saw the doctor yesterday and she gave me 7 fays worth of diazepam's. Its even worse today ..even swallowing hurts today.can't turn my neck at all.can't get comfy st all..The pain is constant ...worse than giving birth....Has anyone else had this andx if so what helped xx

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  • To be honest, the fact that you say swallowing hurts rings alarm bells with me.  I would get a second opinion - can you get an emergency doctors appointment?  

  • Your GP thinks that it's muscle tension causing your pain if you've been prescribed diazepam. 

    If your swallow reflex gets affected then give your surgery a call and tell them you are having problems swallowing. Best to be on the safe side 🐸

  • I hope you can get some relief, please get a second opinion, because it sounds like an infection. 

  • Just spoken to Dr.... She thinks I'm having an excessive flare up as I have been busy and not listening to my body when it s worn out...I must admit I push myself everyday husband is not the most caring person...thinks most of it is in my head as does my grown up daughter...I run round for her and babysit a lot for my three grandchildren age 7, 2 and them to bits but admit it is getting harder each time ..luckily my mum believes and tries to help but shesd 80 now and I hate putting pressure on her and my 84 year old dad....sorry to go on but can feel the black cloud approaching

  • So sorry to read your post I can imagine all thus is making you feel really under the weather.  Friend and OH are having terrible neck problems at the moment and it is impeding everything they try to do and they are both worn out with it as you don't get any rest.  I do hope this flare goes as suddenly as it has come on.x

  • I had it in my shoulder several years ago.I was so miserable as I could not move.Ivwish you the best.Peck 🌻

  • Had the paramedics out as the pain became unbearable...luckily he was one that knew and believed about fibro. He tested me allover and said hed never felt anyone so tense..he even rang my Dr so he could get full history. Anyway my muscles are over tight so been advised plenty of rest and muscle relaxent. 

  • Hi brex

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way, and I have read through the thread and I am relieved that you had a paramedic out as I was quite concerned when you wrote that you could not swallow properly. I sincerely hope that you get some rest and that you feel better soon. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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