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Do I need manipulation and corticosteroid injections?

I am due in next week for treatment on frozen shoulder which I have had for months and I really am dreading it, and from what I have read I really don't know if its worth it or not! I really would appreciate some feedback. I am in constant pain and have limited movement and I do try my own physio etc., I have read the injections are painful and do little to nothing to help and you end up having stiffness no matter what and possibly further treatments are needed.. so is it all worth it?

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I have injections every 3 months for my neck and shoulder muscles which are in permenant spasm.. The injections ...I have 5 ....take less than 5 mins .. I am in and out in a morning.... And the relief is wonderful ... Yes it hurts for 5 seconds while they do the injection then its sore for 24hours ... But not majorly so and then bliss as my muscles unspasm .... By the end of three months i am looking forward to my next lot.......

I am of the opinion try anything once so you know if it works then you can say from experience yes I want that or no I don't .....

Good luck whichever you decide

VG xx


I have injections in my shoulders and knee. Previously in my shoulders I had them every couple of years, however had one 3 weeks ago and already the pain and stiffness is returning. I had one in my knee yesterday and am in agony right now. The injections really didn't hurt at all.



Bowen Therapy is very gentle and sorted out my frozen shoulder. To find a therapist go on line type in ECBS . Click on find a practitioner , select your area, county. And make your choice. Good luck.


There is a brilliant man that you can consult but only privately who is a world expert in this problem. called Simeon Neil Asher - the technique used for manipulating frozen shoulders is even named after him. He has a practice in London, you can google it. I think you can get manipulation by other people, you can ask if they do the Neil Asher technique, try to find someone who does, but he is really the real reknowned world leading man for frozen shoulder.

But there is an interesting link between this and fibromyalgia, according to a neuro physio that I consulted. Some people with fibroymalgia have narrowing of the cervical canal which compresses the cord, a condition called PC3. When you have this condition, the nerve to the arm might be also compressed making it more likely that you will have things like a frozen shoulder. Though it is difficult to obtain in UK, you need a MRI scan of the neck, both straight and bendy (I got mine done in Dubai). See the work of Dr. Andrew Holman of Seattle USA on PC3. I had frozen shoulder in 1988, and then got symptoms of fibro in 2011, and was found to have PC3 in 2012. I have been learning Alexander Technique and I really think my fibro symptoms are improving since I started practicing it.


I have had pain in my shoulder for over 14 yrs now, X-rays were negative and was just told there was nothing wrong with it :roll eyes: !!

I had a steroid injection in it 14 yrs ago before i moved to a different area. I felt it but it didn't hurt, just some pressure,but sadly it gave me no relief either. The only consolation is that it hasn't got much worse!!

you can only try these things and i believe that the treatment can't be any worse than the pain we are in constantly. I hope you decide to give it a ago…but thats just my own personal opinion xx


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