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Skip meds and sudden swelling in knee? Linked or coincidence?

Just a quick query... I don't suffer from much noticeable external swelling, the only swelling I'd say I really experience feels like its on the inside of my joints, making them stiff or lock up.

Last night I missed taking my daily 60mg of Nortriptyline and have also not bothered taking any paracetamol, ibuprofen or codeine today as I often do.

I don't always take ibuprofen daily so I wouldn't put it down to being that this swelling has only occured due to me not taking an anti-inflammatory based medication?

And I have not done anything to exasperate my knee as all I have done today (due to the lack of painkillers) is get up, shower, make some food and go back to bed (which has become my usual routine as much as I may dislike to accept)

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Hmm.. As far as I know, swelling isn't normal in Fibro so I don't know what could be the cause. I hope you get an answer soon.

Kindest Regards,

wanderingwallflower xx


I doubt if it's because you missed your painkillers - that's unlikely to cause swelling. If it doesn't get better in a day or two, maybe you should check with your GP.

Moffy x


see a rheumatologist asap. swelling isn't part of fibromyalgia. It could be something else that needs treatment. Don't suffer unnecessarily. aberc


I had it in both knees and it lasted for over 6 months It has caused damage to the back of my knees but they show no sign of arthritis . I have to say the pain was the worst I have ever had and I have arthritis in my feet hands and spine. .I could not walk and had to have a cage over them in bed. I dread the thought of it reoccurring I still have a small amount of fluid in the left one . Hope it is better soon take care and rest them .


I have the swelling on my left knee. Started last year and was told it was a bakers cyst???

I was sent off with Naprosyn and had to purchase a support bandage. Worked for bit, but even after having physio on the knees, which are both incredibly painful now. The problem restarted the other week when my dr gave me tramadol after I had a 'fall' and jarred myself. . She advised me it was not advisable to take with some of my other meds( Naprosyn or Baclofen)

I don't know about u, (& please dont think imbeing rude) but have u put on extra weight due to no exercising due to the pain?? That's my problem! I have got heavier (5ft 11) and weigh in at 15 stone. Used to be a reasonable 11st -I have been told to loose the weight to alleviate the stress on my joints??? Derrr try and tell a non believer Dr about Fibromyalgia. I feel with the constant pain I am in, I have become a great one for putting on a smile and pushing myself to get to work. I drop my little one at school, then go and do 3.5 to 5 hrs a day mon- fri. When I get my daughter home from school I'm good for nothing. But then there's washing, attempting not to burn our dinner and all the other mundane bits I do, SO exercise is not possible, because by then my knees have swollen up again :-(.

Ask your Dr to check your knees out. Unfortunately I heard that if you develop fibro, it seems to exasperate any injuries to had previously. I have had 2 arthroscopy ops on my knee and a lateral release. So am thinking that's why my Fibro highlights my weak knee.

Have you had any injuries to your legs/knees??

Hope you don't get to down with the pain and it eases off.

Sending healing wishes to u xx


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