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Does anyone ever break out in sweats when pain is severe from fibro


I have had fibro since I was 23 and am now 34 and recently when I'm in severe flare up and try doing anything , even walking around . I break out into a sweat

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God, yes. In fact, anyone in severe pain will break out in copious amounts of sweat, it isn't just a fibro thing.

What pain management are you using /taking? Pain is THE worst stress the body can go through, it stops the body from healing and screws up a lot of vital functions. It is ESSENTIAL that you have adequate pain relief. Have you talked to your Gp or rheumy about this? Don't be fobbed off with meditation, mindfulness, CBT, visualisation, or any of the other things that non-fibro bods seem to get relief with - mostly those techniques don't apply to us because the pain is too unrelenting and too exteme. What you need to find is some decent analgesics that you don't react badly too. Typically, they want fibro patients on Tramadol - which turns me into the girl from The Exorcist in the projectile vomiting scene, but with a migraine on top. I can't take anti inflammatory drugs like Brufen either, for the same reason. The only drugs for pain relief my system can cope with is the opiate family, things like Oramorph and dihydrocodeine (and Imigran). Be aware though that all the medics are desperately concerned about patients getting addicted (hasn't happened with me over some 7 years of using these drugs, Ihave to say), and also be aware that if you DO take high doses of them, it suppresses the immune system, so you may find yourself with mad things like unusual eye infections, and continually having a sore throat /stuffy nose/ whatever bug is doing the rounds.

Hope this helps :-)


insomnia1 in reply to Angel_153

I am on tramadol,baclofen ,paracetamol,gabapentin and duloxetine. I often get trouble with my eye having clear gloop coming from my eye and regularly getting sinusitis and labrynthitis but atm just putting up with it as sick of seeing gp.was at gps today for bloods as last test said blood sugar was up. Freaked out today as haven't got full feeling in my left hand and have a kind of tingling numbness

Good advice there, Angel.

I hate that horrible cold sweat that you get when pain strikes - it make me feel sick without any help from Tramadol. :(

Actually, I'm one of the lucky souls who get on well with Tramadol - for me it's been a godsend. It's worth a try, 'cos if it doesn't upset you it's very good, especially when taken with paracetamol.

My GP says that if you suffer a chronic pain syndrome, then an addiction to your favourite analgesic isn't a problem - it can be easily treated if necessary, but it rarely needs it.

It's a mystery to me that opioid analgesics are not considered useful to fibro sufferers, yet many who finally get prescribed these drugs find they get great relief. I suppose that until there is a specific drug, free of side effects, we shall just have to continue searching for what suits each of us best!

I certainly agree that no one should be fobbed off with only CBT, meditation, etc, but I have to say that once you have some good pain relief sorted out, these techniques are a very useful adjunct to managing fibro, and you should certainly consider using them to extend the relief you get from medication.

I find PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) extremely helpful especially at night. It improves sleep quality and helps to reduce breakthrough pain.

Moffy x

I am on tramadol,baclofen ,paracetamol,gabapentin and duloxetine.I had CBT and it helped abit as I have Bipolar II but it only helped with mental state not fibro.

All the time. I get out of the shower and just getting dressed I am all sweaty again. Keeps me home alot because i look like a wet mess. I am sorry you have it too

Been sweating and clammy due to intense pain. Started back on tramadol and still no change. Could it be an infection, again?

I suffer from hot sweats that soak my clothes. Until I retired from work 4 years ago due to my fibromyalgia, I took spare underwear and a spare shirt to work so that I could change when the sweats made me too uncomfortable. I was also conscious that sweaty people can smell and in a small office did not want people to start avoiding me. The fibres clothes are made of make a difference too. I found pure cotton was far better at wicking the moisture away than anything containing polyester or man made fibres.

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